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  1. I just read about the possibility of a Mac version on another forum and a search brought me here. I run Samplitude just fine on a Bootcamp partition. But I have to do a lot of work on the Mac and it sure would be wonderful to not have to reboot all the time. Last summer someone psted it might be ready for this summer. Any word yet?
  2. Yes. I know. I tried to explain that i realized it's a vague question but I'm sure that wasn't clear. Your car anaolgy works pretty good. So using that, I guess what I'm asking is this. Regardless of cost and personal preference, a Lexus is "generally" considered to be better than a Toyota Corolla, even though they are from the same manufacturer. Both will get you there and do just fine. But given a choice, most would choose the Lexus over the Corolla. So I guess what I'm asking is if, regardless of cost, is there something "generally" considered top of the line? If money were no object, what would you have what you have or get something else for I/O? The suggestion of the Benchmark is helpful. I'll check that out. I understand the point of it being expensive considering it's only stereo out. But since I mostly just mix, that's an option for me. Thanks Bear with me. I'm aware there are many factors that make answering my question vague. It's just that i've been a Pro Tools user for so long, I'm not accustommed to having so many choices. Ultimately I would make up my own mind. But how do you resaonably compare something like this?
  3. 9.12 Newbie here..........reading through the forum and waiting on V10 to arrive. As I read, I'd like to ask a question. What is considered to be the optimum choice of I/O for Samplitude. I've been using it ASIO through my Digi 002. And while it actually sounds better through the Digi interface than Pro Tools does, I'm not sure I have confindence in the ASIO thing. I get a lot of sluggish starts and errors. Just letting Samplitude play out the generic soundcard in the computer, I don't see those happen. I realize I need to make up my own mind and opinions are subject to everyone's personal preference. I don't do a lot of recording; mostly mixing. So lots of input/output doesn't really matter to me; although that could change. That being said though, I'm just curious..... as I explore my I/O options, is there something that's generally considered to be the top a far as a straightforward I/O? Thanks
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