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  1. Magix doesn't offer CD hardcopy versions anymore...it's all download, regardless where you get it, so you don't really need to find a dealer in Canada, just buy it online and download.
  2. Your studio look amazing and apart of the many details and big things many would value and commend, for me the fact that you were personally doing the work, from big tasks to the minute and careful cabling, painting, etc. details is the standout feature. I can relate to that aim and have yours as a positive example in this direction.

    One could guess that conversely you have been doing the same while choosing your gear and your software, so it even translates in the selection of techniques you apply at your engineering! This alone shines much higher than any plastic (or wooden) key in hand studio delivered by a reputed firm.

    I would underline this aspect in your publications so those interested have a chance to relate with it.
    It seems its time of completion for you. Have small or big great times!

  3. Their certificate for the website expired...it's not a big deal when it's a known OK site like this, they just need to update it...I'm sure eventually the webmaster will see it and fix it. I'm getting the same thing on my computer under IE.
  4. OK. I found in the Tutorial pdf that there is an additional message in blue/green that I didnt see that says "activate program offline". It sounds like a pretty tedious process; but I will do this.

    Sorry to have bothered you!

    Best wishes,


  5. Well...that interface comes with preamps...so I'm not sure what you wouldn't need any. I mean, why would they bother including them...?
  6. I was checking out some of that. Initial, quick impression....Win10 looks like they turned the PC into a large smartphone, loaded with creature feature convenience aimed at people who don't want to think too much when they use a PC.... ....they'll sell many I'm sure.
  7. Ain't that the truth! What's funnier, is when there is the occasional and somewhat off-topic thread like this one....and then someone comes in and complains that it needs to be taken elsewhere and that we should keep this forum on-topic...only trouble is, you could die of malnutrition waiting for posts around here some days. Besides, I think any topic that relates to audio, is ON topic. There are many other things that touch Samplitude/Sequoia...we can't just talk about the two apps in some vacuum. I don't think anyone is giving a quick and subjective "it doesn't sound good". Seems to me people actually take the time to audition and compare. Trouble is EVERY TIME someone says they think DAW A sounds better then DAW B....out comes the "null test" argument (and that's what Tim was really getting it, IMO). A null test is IMO useless in determining audio quality between DAWs. There is NO test that can do that. Only you and your ears can do that, over a period of time. If enough people say the same thing about a particular DAW....mmmmm.....you can call it all "subjective coincidence", but I would say that maybe they're onto something.
  8. Really? I don't even know why I am on this forum anymore. this thread should be on gear slutz any way not taking up room on the Samplitude forum. ...to be honest, the poster you so easily dismiss has a valid point. There is no objective, unbiased way of determining what DAW sounds best (or even better). You can't even determine what "sounds better" really means. Is blue a better color than yellow? When it comes to a DAW, is the best one the one that keeps the sound closest to the original or the one that colors and affects it the most and in which way? You don't realize it, but you are arguing your point in pretty much the same way that your despised fellow Gearslutz posters do. They are not very different from us, after all...lol... Mmmmm....not looking to go off on some tanget...but reading samscasa's post again...he's saying there IS a way to determine things, and not how you're reading it above (see highlight in your post). He is saying that null tests DO determine if all DAWs are identical, and therfore no one better than another. Which isn't really true. I read Tim's comment as purely disagreeing with that (like myself and others have done)....and the ref to GS is that the "null test" topic has been done to death over there, but the reality is....a null test only proves two DAWs import/export identically. It proves nothing for how one DAW performs all the normal, daily tasks that we do with DAWs, which certainly can affect/change the final sound in many, many ways, and at that point, since you can't just do a simple null test once two DAWs have applied all kinds of other processes besides pure import/export...the only thing left IS to use your ears. Not sure why that's so frowned upon, and it always comes back to "null tests"? Everything we do with audio involves using our ears to make decisions, millions of decisions from start to finish of every project....but now when it comes to comparing sound quality from two DAWs....that shouldn't be done with our ears???
  9. Null tests are great if you want to compare pure file import/export from one DAW and another. The point that was being made earlier is that once you start actually working with a given DAW on a project....adding plugs, moving faders, editing, mixing etc...it's not always an apples to apples thing....and at that point it's hard to do a straight null test comparison between two DAWs....and so it's left to our ears to choose. Like....who uses DAWs just to do file import/export tasks....?
  10. So.... apart from pure curiosity, and just wanting to find out what Reaper is like.....if you already use Samplitude, and even if you say you can mimic a lot of the stuff from Samplitude in Reaper...(why) would you prefer to use Reaper over Samplitude? Is there any point/benefit going with Reaper if you have both?
  11. Well now....you're making a lot of assumptions about what people say and mean! I don't deny that there are Reaper users who use it because they like it. My only point was that these days, Reaper is very often the first thing mentioned when people specifically ask for a cheap DAW app.
  12. I'm not making assumptions when people specifically lean toward Reaper because it's cheap. I mean....when someone asks- What's a "cheap" DAW app?...and they're told to get Reaper, and they do....it's no assumption about what their motivaiton was. AFA it sounding "bad".....I never actually said that. I said that I never used it. I was joking about the type of negative forum reponse one would most likely get from the large home reocrding crowd who uses Reaper, if anyone told them it sounded bad.
  13. Haven't tried it....and frankly I doubt I ever will as I don't see a reason to. I mean, why bother going through new DAW learning curves just to end up where I already am, or possibly worse off. I doubt Reaper would impress me that much more that I would permanently switch from Samplitude. I've seen the Reaper GUI.....meh......it doesn't come close to my Birdline skins. Now AFA its selling point....all I know is that whenever anyone asks for a cheap DAW, usually because they are your typical home recording newb and without much of a budget....all the other home recording guys who were in that same boat....jump in and say "just get Reaper". So....maybe there are good things in Reaper, not saying there aren't....just making the observation how and why most people I've seen end up with Reaper....is because it's cheap. Maybe that's a good thing, as it may be a red flag for other DAW companies, that if they are going to charge high prices, their DAW apps need to be at a MUCH higher quality level than something like Reaper...not just soundwise, but all around.
  14. Try saying that on Gearslutz and you will get a 100 page thread lol Try saying that on your typical "home rec" audio forum....and you will get a 1000 page thread!!! Reaper is THE "home rec" DAW app these days......mainly 'cuz it's very cheap. Those folks will never accept that it sounds bad.....
  15. Can you then use Transient Designer to de-verb by just using the Sustain knob (never tried it).....or is there more to the algorithm for De Verb? I have TD....but I was just getting ready to pick up the new Brainworx Refinement plug. which is on sale at Audio Delux....so I figured I would also grab De-Verb at the same time, but if Transient Designer can do the same thing....might asd well save $30.
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