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    Seqoia 10.1<br />Windows XP SP3<br />c2duo/2GB

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  1. How is Sequoia `better' than SADiE? Just what is your HO based on? I think this kind of comparison makes no sense - and I speak as the director of a facility that has, and regularly uses for different projects, all three ... As always with high-quality pro equipment, it's horses for courses. Eric I can almost feel the hairs on the back of your neck bristling as I read your repsonse! ;-) Seeing as you asked... I have had experience editing and producing classical music on DAE1100, DAE3000, Sonics, SADiE, and Sequoia - though primarily on Sonics - and more recently on Sequoia. From my perspective I am looking for technology that will allow me to achieve my goals flexibly, creatively and without breaking the bank. Although happy as I am to drool over Pyramix and SADiE as one Clarkson might drool over a Bugatti.... I am funding and building my own rig, so budgets are not - how shall we say - unlimited. I havn't worked full time in the industry for a number of years, but after so long working in IT one needs to 'go back to ones roots' as it were... Sequoia will help me achieve that. cheers, Mark Edwards BMus Tonmeister - (Surrey)
  2. Thanks guys for the contributions - I think I am pretty much set now for the arrival of my copy of Sequoia 10. Yes, I too drool - particularly over Merging Technologies Pyramix - but that's somewhat outside my budget... no particular wish to use SADIE when I can get Sequoia, which is IMHO better at a fraction of the price... Very good news about the licensing controls. I just hope that the dongle is robust and survives the test of time... M
  3. Hi. I am just about to get my creditcard out to purchase a nice shiny new copy of Sequoia, but before I do, a couple of questions for the board... * Version 10 - how far away is it? * Will version 10 support Windows XP? I have been severely burned trying to run VISTA now I have gone to the effort of downgrading back to a working OS I don't wish to cause myself any more unnecessary pain... * How is the software licensed? I.e. can I use it on my laptop (for mobile recording) and also on my desktop back in the studio without having to reinstall each time I want to go mobile? There's only one of me, and I don't want to have to buy two copies! I can barely afford one... * What is the upgrade path? Is there a support programme that allows the customer access to all future major and minor upgrades as they arrive? Thats all for now... Thanks, Mark.
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