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  1. Just purchased this EQ, amazing! PM for a 10% discount.
  2. I don't mean one is not better than another. The one you like is the best. I'm saying they all handle raw data the same. After plug ins and moving faders all bets are off. I just don't think responsible people should dismiss any DAW with the quick and subjective, " it doesn't sound good." I own Reaper but do not use it, it doesn't appeal to me, workflow, GUI, how it handles routing. But I visit the site and fortunately I've never heard Justin slam other DAWs as so many will do his. I like that he takes the high road, everyone should, right? I have a brother at Bell Labs. The stories of their studies of the ear and how untrustworthy it can be are comical, very entertaining and a bit disconcerting. How many here have adjusted an EQ and were unhappy with the sound just to realize it was bypassed. I have...and it is a testament to the stories of how easily our ears are fooled?
  3. Really? I don't even know why I am on this forum anymore. this thread should be on gear slutz any way not taking up room on the Samplitude forum. The sort of ignorance you are displaying would be a valid reason to leave.
  4. Since Reaper and Samplitude null, when a proper null test is done, I would say anyone hearing a difference is falling prey to the mystery of our hearing. It is an old topic beaten to death on many forums. Unless you do not believe in the science of a null test...then there is a complete new discussion to have.
  5. Hi, Scamscasa, well, if you are posting at a Samplitude forum, you are likely to find a lot of supporters here. I've been with the program since the first official Windows version 2.x (on Windows 3.1 those days) and have dropped other DAW products during this journey through time, when Samplitude gained more and more features. After all, your decision will depend on your personal workflow and demands - don't just compare feature lists. If you are not really into mixing tech and want to have everything as a simplified analogy reflection of musician's life plus neatly printable scores, then you should have a look at the commercial top dogs "for the average musician". Or if realtime loop manipulation live on stage is your thing, some new challengers might be your thing. Or if you need full project compatibility with studios, you'll probably end up Apple based with expensive yet reliable dedicated hardware. For me, the object orientated workflow (I really like to use object volume adjustments rather than recording Hw controller movements to rubberband, which also runs great nevertheless), and the clever mouse and keyboard actions of Samplitude always have granted me most efficient work (I never switch mouse modes), while performance has always been a real highlight (I remember doing a complete film score on a Pentium 100 with 20 stereo tracks @32kHz and Hw-accelerated MJEG without any issues...). Today, you'll find that Samplitude also contains a lot of really professional and inspirational effects and VSTI addons that will stand comparison to many boxed products you would probably have to buy for other DAWs seperately - my big favourite is the M/S programm compressor "Ammunition" that's so much more than those plain multiband compressors, it's real magic to me... Stability is, as for any other established DAW, more a question of flawless hardware. I'm presently suffering from a disk performance issue I'm discussing in another thread here, yet since I found that standalone NI-Kontakt and -Battery suffer just the same when loading large sets, it must be something between mainboard and the drives. 64 bit DAW is nothing I'm missing. I'm running 11.1 Pro on Windows 7 Pro 64, and it runs great with most of the old (32bit) VSTI's (some have issues e.g. that their installation directories are no more writable in Windows 7, which is not at all a question of Samplitude). I'm using VSL Ensemble as orchestra library, which does automatic bridging to 64 bit, so the plugin that does need full 64bit memory action, is doing it right, though Samplitude "thinks" it's a 32 bit plugin. I would have expected more issues moving to a 64bit OS. So again, we are back to the question of workflow: If you need a complete and full blown toolbox from sound design over recording, mixing and true mastering and you'll have fun learning about every treatment step, Samplitude really is your thing. If you just need a recorder and only simple editing and have limited learning desire, this one might be oversized. :+) Carsten (+: Thank you for the detailed reply, I appreciate it! I am looking for a full blown box...this weekend should be a fun adventure learning about this one.
  6. Lunovis, did you leave out your response or ...?
  7. I am an experienced recording enthusiast thinking about purchasing Sam 11. I was considering waiting until spring for 64 bit but thought I would get your advice first. There are a few things that draw me to Samplitude but what I am most interested in is your opinions on stability, work flow, good and bad of the application. I am testing the demo over the weekend....recording rock and blues mostly so I thought I would take a familiar old tune of mine and do the whole thing over in Sam. Thanks so much for any help!
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