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  1. Hi, ich vermute ein MIDI / VSTi Overload. Wie lauft es ohne die WAVs? Welche VSTi ? Kannst du dein VIP ohne WAVs hier anhängen? Cheers M
  2. Hi, for the latest version = 10.02 you switch off the default 'LOOP mode' in the transport or switch to 'Play Once' on Toolbar2. Cheers M
  3. Yes - its one of the few that really ofers what a gate should. Pre open!Cheers M
  4. Hi, The main window should stretch ok. The Mixer wont as its based on fixed pixels. There are many different mixers to be had - design and size wise. You'll have to look around and choose your favorite. Cheers M
  5. In a word - yes! But of course its not intended to change skins in SE - the function was removed. (see the INI) Making skins is extremly time consuming and if you don't happen to do that kind of work you'll find it has a steep learning curve and practically no help. Cheers M
  6. It should be - news.nv.net Not sure if you need a password to join though.....
  7. If you're using windows own audio mixer (it works but its quite stupid) open it twice. Put one above the other. In the one below set it to input. Make sure that in both, all of the options are activated so you get all possible things in your mixers. Wave In is NOT the one you want. If you get that far and can't figure it out from there take a screenshot and repost it here. -Screenshot: Press 'PrintScreen', open 'Paint' and press Ctrl+V Save as Jpeg. Cheers M
  8. Hi saymon, You have your audio card set to record what you hear. Thats such a common trap as most don't suspect their own sound card but the software. Cheers M
  9. Hi, pencil and paper, write the numbers down and then go to an internet café to register. The number you recieve goes via pencil and paper back to your computer. Cheers M
  10. Oh really ? Have you got the latest VDL or MEP ?
  11. There is a consumer encoder in NERO 7 Premium which wil accept interleaved files from Samplitude. I heard recently that Magix has an encoder now too for its home video programs. There is no provision for it directly in Sequoitude yet though. Cheers M
  12. Ok - I'll have a go - I'm not the midi genius but we'll see.... I'll assume you have set up your hardware keyboard in the 'Y' / midi dialog so that its available to Sam. Start a new 2 track VIP (shortcut 'E' ) and left click the track name of track 1 to open the track properties. In the second section 'MIDI' you choose your input device ('mpu 401', 'USB Keys' or similar) and a VSTi output. Start with something simple like mda piano that only needs a single output track. That should now play. Report back here how you got on.... Cheers M
  13. arranger = GUI = VIP So if you just drag a DLL into Sams main window (theres another term for it) it will self register. Cheers M
  14. As far as I know only the SE version is online for sale. There are two pdfs that come with it:http://www.samplitude.com/eng/sam/se.html Hit 'Y' to set your program options - same as audio studio. Again - set your driver options and bit depth properly and this wont happen. 'Y' / Playback Devices.Cheers M
  15. Try it! Heres the midi test file, a 'Bounce' from Sam91_RC3 and a 'Mix to file' Sam91_RC3: VstiSustain.zip (3 files=750Kb) For now you can use the 'Mix to File' in the master secxtion of the mixer. (Switch it off afterwards) Cheers M
  16. Thanks - I can confirm the bug and have posted it to the dev team. We'll see if it makes it into 9.1 in time. Cheers M
  17. Wenn du deine eigene Fonts in SFZ Format erstelt hast brauchst du den FontPlayer von RGC Audio: http://www.rgcaudio.com/sfz.htm Es ist ideal für solche Anwendungen. Cheers M
  18. Yeah - sorry for confusing things - SRC is not dithereing so I compared apples to pears there - its good wine anyway! Merry Christmas. Cheers M
  19. Hi Jamie, Dithering - POW-r usually loses when tested against R8Brain which is a stand alone software converter. Having said that though the difference is very small. Samplitudes mastering capabilities are second to none (apart from Sequoia of course) and I can highly recommend spending some time using the object editor to become accustomed to its pure power. Cheers M
  20. Well yes - me too.The mix in file solution is the way to go. Once set up and activated you just start mixing your song. When finished, the file is waiting for you on your HD. Its a while since I used that feature but if I remember correctly the file is re-writen everys time you start plaback so be carefull..... Cheers M
  21. Sorry - the Stereo Enhancer is not in SE . I just checked my german version. Cheers M
  22. Copy this thread on using different skins in SE: "Just copy your skin folders to the SE / bitmaps directory, open Sam8.3Pro, choose the skins you want - close it again and then copy the INIs over to the SE directory. Now you have the same setup as 8.3 including all the shortcuts." I guess that should also work with MS Cheers M
  23. Its there too - you didn't look far..... http://www.photosyndikat.de/samskins/Rafael/
  24. How about "Samskins" ? (I know - its out of date now......)
  25. Look at menu/View/Vertical thats where you can 'zoom' down - that gives you an extra 6db of headroom per zoom level and actually makes the tracks go pink! Cheers M
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