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  1. If you're using windows own audio mixer (it works but its quite stupid) open it twice.

    Put one above the other.

    In the one below set it to input.

    Make sure that in both, all of the options are activated so you get all possible things in your mixers.

    Wave In is NOT the one you want.

    If you get that far and can't figure it out from there take a screenshot and repost it here.


    Press 'PrintScreen', open 'Paint' and press Ctrl+V

    Save as Jpeg.



  2. Ok - I'll have a go - I'm not the midi genius but we'll see....

    I'll assume you have set up your hardware keyboard in the 'Y' / midi dialog so that its available to Sam.

    Start a new 2 track VIP (shortcut 'E' ) and left click the track name of track 1 to open the track properties.

    In the second section 'MIDI' you choose your input device ('mpu 401', 'USB Keys' or similar) and a VSTi output.

    Start with something simple like mda piano that only needs a single output track.

    That should now play.

    Report back here how you got on....



  3. the e version I purchased seems to not have the tutorial videos and its asking for a disk.
    As far as I know only the SE version is online for sale. There are two pdfs that come with it:


    I dont know how to setup a path to my vst plug ins
    Hit 'Y' to set your program options - same as audio studio.
    every time I import a 24 bit audio file either wav or aiff, I get an error message saying it cannot play the file at its current bit rate and needs to play it at 16bit and the same message pops up even when I import a 16bit file.
    Again - set your driver options and bit depth properly and this wont happen. 'Y' / Playback Devices.



  4. I tried the mixdown bounce to a wav file + the mixinfile option on the mixer, but I can't hear anything. I'm sure there's something I'm missing
    Well yes - me too.

    The mix in file solution is the way to go. Once set up and activated you just start mixing your song.

    When finished, the file is waiting for you on your HD. Its a while since I used that feature but if I remember correctly the file is re-writen everys time you start plaback so be carefull.....



  5. But yes the MS skin is so flat...

    Copy this thread on using different skins in SE:

    "Just copy your skin folders to the SE / bitmaps directory, open Sam8.3Pro, choose the skins you want - close it again and then copy the INIs over to the SE directory.

    Now you have the same setup as 8.3 including all the shortcuts."

    I guess that should also work with MS



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