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  1. I have been using samp since 7.0, but this idea of 'automation' is a JOKE! the way to automate is to go over the track, over and over, and every time you touch the faders, that section gets 'overdubbed'. This is how you refine fader moves. It sounds like you're saying it's STILL an 'all or nothing' form of automation - do all your fader moves correctly, or manually 'draw' repairs. That is, frankly, absurd. Why Samplitude doesn't have 'flying faders' style automation (especially when you've got a touch-sensitive external controller like I do) is beyond me. This should have been implemented YEARS ago.
  2. So, I am not a Newbie at all, but all of my projects for the last 10 years have been single stereo track mastering jobs. Now I am doing live multitrack recording on Samp 9.0 Pro (upgrade to 11 Pro on its way to me). So, I want to do this, and don't know how: I want to move faders iteratively as I mix to 'refine' my automation. In other words, I want my fader moves recorded, and then every time I touch the fader again, i want to 'overdub' those changes until i let go of it. This, to me, is the most natural form of fader automation - you do your basic moves, and then over and over, on playback, you refine them until they're perfect. However, it seems that once I press that 'A' button, the faders move the way I recorded them last and I have no ability to override. Am i wrong? Also: does Samplitude 11 have mute automation yet? Thanks.
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