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  1. is dpclat.exe cpu speed dependant? i have a latency of 2000 ums but then i' am on a 1,4 ghz pentium m. should i try to lower this value? PAT
  2. the reason for switching from cubase? one word: object editor. i switched as soon as i had the feeling that rewire is working (which i need) - which was for me v10, so there i am, mostly satisfied (only mostly because of the bescheuert sales scheme in which you must own a pro version to get the cleaning and restoration suite or to get it free with the master version but where you are completely out of luck with the standard version - you just can't buy it for this version..)
  3. actually, i decided to switch to sam because in sam9 (demo) i finally got it working like in cubase. why it's so poorly documented though, i cannot understand. i had to spend hours of trial and error until i understood what is what. the whole setup process would be a paragraph in F1. i hope they didn't break it in sam10.. PAT
  4. ok, if i use "link one track" i can move object2 (and with it all other objects right of object2) "over" the end of object1 which has the same effect as i described above but needs some getting used to it i think.. thanks, now if magix would be so nice to send my rented version of sam10 three days after they got the first rate, all would be wonderful PAT
  5. beside being a matter of taste, you can loop around the cut between object1 and object 2 and make the cut perfect by moving the end of object1 back and forth and listening to the intersection.. PAT
  6. not exactly (although i edit this way in cubase too). let me put it another way: lets say i have 2 takes: |---------object1-----------|--obejct2--| i now grab the right handle of object1 to shorten it: in samplitude it looks like this afterwards: |---------object1---| gap |--obejct2--| in cubase, with "shuffle mode" and "snap" enabled it looks like this: |---------object1---|--obejct2--| clearer? PAT
  7. hi, i'm used to edit recordings (mostly vocal for radio reports) in cubase this way: lets say i have a take with some seconds of error in it, which i must cut out. i select in cubase "shuffle mode" and select "snap to object", then i make a cut after the part which must be deleted and grab the "frame handles" of the object to the left of the cut. i move the handle to the left, until the "bad" material dissapears, release the handle and the object right to the cut jumps to the right edge of the left object, so that the gap disappears. i managed to do the same in samplitude (9 demo) but the last part, the automatic closing of the gap between the objects. according to the help file, it has something to do with the "ripple mode" in samplitude, but i couldn't reproduce the behaviour as described. i'm sure it's possible, but how? PAT
  8. thanks, but none of the settings had an effect. any more ideas? some obscure .ini settings, maybe? in the end i would need a setting like if right/left arrow key (move play cursor) is released wait "x" milliseconds until play start. PAT
  9. hi, coming from cubase, i try to recreate my favorite behaviour of the shuttlexpress. i usally move the play cursor with the shuttle (the outer ring). in cubase, i can use the shuttle when i'm in play mode, means, the play stops while i move the play cursor with the shuttle, and starts again, when i release the shuttle and plays from where i moved the play cursor to. in samplitude, it sounds and looks like samplitude is trying to restart playing with every movement of the play cursor, so it stutters hoirrible and samplitude hangs for a while. is there a way to change this, in the shuttleexpress or somewhere in cubase? also, the play cursor movement even when in stop mode is not very smooth, is there some optimisation i can do? PAT
  10. hi, when i use the hybrid engine (monitoring slider in Y full right) the mute button of midi tracks which send to reason instruments don't work. only if i use a different engine. is this a bug or a feature. i use an edirol UA-25 if this info is neccesary.. PAT
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