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  1. I have just updated to Sam 10.2.1 and run a simulated burn at X16 which went O.K. I then tried to burn the disc and this was succesfull which took about 5 minutes.
  2. O.K Next time I burn a project I'll have a look at that. However I don't understand why CD Architect can do much much easier. It has no problem burning discs.
  3. What are you doing? I hope your not using Samplitude as a cd burner for making cds ala Sonic/Window Media Player. If you are, its not designed for that purpose. Use sam to burn your sam projects and that's it. I don't quite understand your point here, I don't use Sonic/Windows Media Player. I load my tracks into Sam 10 which have been recorded on my Alesis HD24. the tracks are mixed ect in Sam 10. I get them reduced to 2 track in the usual way and then it goes on to burn a CD. I only burn projects made with Sam 10. However I do have CD Architect and this does not give me problems like Sam10, i.e accessive time to burn. James
  4. Hi All, I have been using Samplitude 10 for a little while now and done a number of projects, however my CD burner is now taking far to long to burn discs. I switched on buffer under run protection because I think it will fail to burn. I'm talking burning a 75 minute CD in half an hour! So what do you think has gone wrong? Could it be the machine is clogged with temp files? I have noticed that my burner seems O.K till about track 10 then it get very very slow. After it clears the 3/4 point it goes off faster again. I also have CD Architect installed and this will burn discs on the fly with no problems. Any Ideas? David.H
  5. Try using the mousewheel. Yes, this looks more like it and I'll try it on my next project. However I notice that the curser stays rigid in one place so has to be repositioned. It's when I'm fine tuning an edit that I have found the problem. I find the scroll bars a bit crude.
  6. I have been using Sam10 for some months and am frustrated by not being able to find a tool which will allow me to move the virtual project on screen from left to right simply by grabing perhaps part of a vacant track. This is usually perfomed with a hand tool. I'm finding the current way I'm using, the bars on screen rather crude and not accurate.
  7. Samplitude 10 Pro. Thanks I'll look into track bouncing.
  8. Newbie question, I'm using Sam 10 as multitrack software and having used other types of software, there does not seem to be a render to two track option. How can you get a multitrack project down to two tracks, bouncing perhaps?
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