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  1. Yea , basically. From your Motif >midi in to RME . Midi out of RME to midi in on the Snow (if you want to shut down the TI VSTi and program right from the synth). Then set up your midi track in Samp with the Virus TI. Software FX mon. in Samp. Live button on the TI . Outputs 1 from the Snow in to your FF or any Preamp. Make another audio track and make your Ins FF 7+8 or were ever your plugs the output of the snow into . Monitor on both tracks and in the TI , enable the "D" button so that you outputs from the TI go to OUT L+R . You can see it this in the Common Page of the TI . Make sure your buffers in you RME are set low ( 3 ms) and you good to go with pretty tight timing... then jsut record you audio or midi 1st and then audio later... stir and mix ..then repeat... Best , Rich
  2. Hi Jeff, No . Samp isnt officially supported by Access yet. But i think Frank may be looking into that in the future. I just run it out analog for now and use the TI GUI to program and automate etc... its actually the best way , as sending your TI through some vintage Pre`s can really add wicked color that you dont really get with VSTi`s obviously . Let us know how it goes..Peace Rich
  3. You have to be in 'Live' mode and use analog outputs ... the TI drivers arent optomize with Samp yet AFAICT... but it should work pretty well in Hybrid last time i tried .Best , Rich
  4. Do you know if this is reliable for large sessions (200 tracks)? Hey zepdude.. yea im pretty sure it runs pretty much the same as it would on PC since its actually running on XP with bootcamp anyways.. probably will run better with 10.1 since multicore support will be better optimized now. You should really talk to Tom Sailor at Orangehill though, http://www.orangehillaudio.com/ hes right next to ya in Ohio.. hes the man and hes got the bootcamp thing going on there perfectly. Hell really be able to answer all your Samp and mac related Q: really, give him a call.. Cheers Rich
  5. ut I would love that, but I don't know anyone in the NY studio scene who's using it. If someone reads this and would like to demonstrate it, I'd love to check see it in action and maybe try to figure out if we can do a comparison test with Pro tools. I've looked at the videos on this site but there's a great deal more I would like to see. Zep dude ..Why dont you DL the Demo and do some tests yourself... ? Cheers , Rich
  6. Better... better... Better is subjective . I think it sounds better but you may not... I`ve heard great stuff comng out of PT, i wouldnt loose sleep . Direct comparisons isnt Magix style i dont thnk ... i noticed a huge sonic diff. going from SX to Samplitude ... BTW many are running Smp/Seq succesfully on Mac pros via bootcamp..
  7. Yes , the downside of having audio and midi all in the same track is that when your monitoring more than 1 track/chanel through that main track , it always needs to be part of the monitoing chain. So if you make other tracks that are linked to it, when your bouncing , it needs to be solo`d as well and if any midi file is in that track, it will be processed as well. So you need to be careful if your doing Multi-timberal things to use the 2nd option (the Multi-timberal one) .Which will seperate the audio and midi and allow for decrete soloing and monitoring etc.... Once you get used to it and understand it..its a very fast flexible system. The Samp Developers did it right . Good luck , Rich
  8. Yes, Media Link seems to work best with a compressed format .. QT with Sorrensen 3 works well... See if you can convert it to that 1st...
  9. Hey , Yea it is ( within reason ). Theres a bunch of diff. skins available from Orangehillaudio and Bird..something.. cant remember the name. as well as a bunch of free cool ones from long time users... Best , Rich
  10. Hi Frock , I can`t answer all your Q: but.. 1) i have alot of VST plugs such as IK multimedia reverbs, waves, URS etc and they are either in my cakewalk vst folder or cubase folder, both of those programs allow you to scan another programs vst or plug in folder and oad them into the current program, in SAMP can i scan both programs VST folders to use those plugs? - how is VST support in samp? Yes you can scan a bunch of diff locations in Samp.. dont worry bout it... VST support in samp is very good IMO. 2) any issues with an RME FF 800?? I use Multiface flawlessly here but ive hear the FF is excellent too.. 3) how does SAMP HANDLE SOFT SYNTHS? i can use and hope to use the sonar and cubase ones in SAMP. Im pretty sure you can`t use the Sonar and SX VSTi`s in Samp ..but any other ones are kosher. 4) how does SAMP handle quad core machines? any special tweaks for this? i record at 44.1/24 and usually have a buffer setting in at 256 and mix at 128 or so. what do you guys set your buffers to? Not sure theres any advantage to 4 cores with samp at this time. but 2 cores are defiantley being distributed well here... 5) i have a mixed logic M24 controller, anyone by chance have this and how does it work with samp? i have heard SAMP is not so good with front end controllers but does it work well with any protocol?? HW contrroller havent been Samps strength in the past but magix has recently hired a HWC wiz named Falcone and hes done a great job so far bringing things up to speed with V10. Yes Samp Rocks for audio and mixing but its also holds it own in the midi dept. VSTi`s ...Score...Multiobject editing.. you can do alot (not all) of the same things that you can in SX . The support is very good. The Dev. are often answering Q: on the Forum and listen to alot of requests etc... a far cry from Stieny land ... Cheers , Rich
  11. It sounds like I could cover a good deal of ground with Sequoia and then maybe just use something like Ableton if I need to do loopy stuff. Yea totally, thats what i did. Rewire Live into Samp. But eventually , i just figured out how to do the loopy stuff in Samp and i rarely bother with Ableton anymore... Live still kills for loopy/time streaching stuff though.. just sucks for serious mixing... Good luck on your desicion Zepdude. ~ Got my flower , ive got my power ~
  12. Hey Swansong..er.. i mean Zepdude, Ultimately , the midi dept. in Samp is totally there , IMO . I`m doing midi all day long in it and i know its strength and weaknesses . You might have to alter your workflow slightly to get what you want.. but its basically all there. VSTi`s and routing work very well in Samp . Best , Rich
  13. Hey Jcorbett, I can understand your frustration. I`d like to see full video features in Samp. too.. after all , Samp is supposed to be a full composing/mixing app. etc.. There are way around this . One way is to Rewire a host or app. that supports multi-video file handling .. like Ableton or the new Magix Movie edit pro thats coming out before the end of the year. I can`t remember if you can slave Cubase to Samp.. But that would be another way around to deal with it. I use Live 6 slaved to Samp. when i need to score to picture with multiple files . Works pretty well except for the lack of HW overlay in Live... Best, Rich
  14. Hi Rockem, Its jsut the way Samp. monitors all plugs that require Latency compensation.. even the Hybrid engine works this way and its Low latency like cubase . I check my plugs by either turning off the power or if theres no bypass feature on the plug, try stoping and turning it off then playing again . Its not optimal .. but its minor to me compared to all the other advantages of Samps engines . Hope it not a deal breaker for you.. Samp rocks in so many other ways that SX cant even touch... ( Full on Cubase refuge) , Rich
  15. Hi , yes..the automation belongs to the track . Though specifically made by a certain VSTi , the CC# automation can belong too and affect any other midi inst. To remove the tracks midi automation you need to go into CNTRL+ALT+A and uncheck and remeove the automation from the track... Good luck , Rich
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