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  1. Hi Terry, I needed to install the sample library. This video from Kraznet presumes I already did that, which , in my case, I did not. I downloaded the latest Independences installer from the website and installed the library. I used the provided hard discs I got with the boxed version of Pro X3. And they are upgraded accodingly to the latest samples. So everything runs now! Anyway, thanks for the heads up.
  2. I've got the ProX 4 Suite, which comes standard with Independence Pro Premium Suite, right? Well I've upgraded from Pro X 3 to Pro X4 a long time ago and only got a download link and no hard copy and therefore no 70 Gb of library. I still have the Pro X 3 library as hard copy. Is there anything changed in the library since Pro X3? Can I just copy the library DVD's to my hard disc? And what do I need to get Independence running in Pro X 4 Suite. cheers, Peter
  3. Oooooh that's a very, very nice track. Well produced.
  4. I did the clip in Magix Video deLuxe
  5. Here's our first singled from our EP. Recorded and mixed with Pro X2. copyright, the Philistines
  6. I've written a lot of songs over the past years. The link shows you a few over the last 15 years. These are all written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered in Samplitude by yours truly. https://soundcloud.com/peter-56/sets/songs Enjoy listening. cheers, -peter
  7. Pro Q is one of my favourite eq's, if not my favourite. The new plug in looks very nice with some great new features.
  8. I know how to say that in Dutch How about letting us know? Please... I don't like to bother the robots. Een gegeven paard niet in de bek kijken.
  9. It works most of the time. Maybe it needs some editing afterwards, but it works. I use it on close miked drum tracks. You need to fiddle around with the threshold and length of the silence, depending on the signal. Also keep in mind that when using strip silence with percussive signals you don't want to use auto crossfade as default. Otherwise it will chop of the first transient. You can add fades later on very quickly. If the length of all objects is too short, or to long, you can change all objects in one movement. Select all objects, set your mouse to an object handle on the right of an object, press Shift+Alt and extend that object, and all objects will follow. This also works on the object handle on the left of an object. If there is too much silence before the actual signal. After all signals are correct, you can use the same method for fades of each object. Hope this is useful to you. cheers, -peter
  10. The best thing is to have someone sitting next to you and explaining everything you want to know. I think Magix is giving training courses for different programs. You might try to contact Magix about it. Otherwise maybe a Samplitude user in the London area will help you out for for a small fee, or for free
  11. in Samplitude Music Studio one cannot use the AUX in pre fader and there is no Take Manager.
  12. Wow, I expected it to be gone from lite-weight "Magix Music Studio", but the Take Manager is also missing from Samplitude Music Studio! I'm running the trial version (of SMS2013), and there's no way to access the Take Manager anymore, even though there are still references to it in the manual! I already contacted Magix about it last year when I purchased Music Studio MX, and they said it's a decision the marketing division made!!!!!!!!!
  13. They removed the take manager after version 16, so it's totally useless for loop recording. I'm still on version 16. Very robust. Never let me down in the last four years. I have it running on my laptop. If they bring back the take manager I might buy it again, because I do like the efx plug ins.
  14. Julian, send the crashlog in an email to proservice. This specific forum has no official support. cheers, -peter
  15. I closed the project, opened it again and still doesn't work. I save a VIP1. I delete it from the insert point, close the VIP and save it as VIP2, close Sam. Open Sam, open VIP2 and open AM Phibia on a new insert point. Now everything works. WTF???? I open VIP1 and automation does not work. I open VIP2 and it works???? I'm confused....
  16. How come that after choosing a preset from the list, the plug ins after re-opening showing default as preset???? Even when I change any parameter and give it a new name, the next time I open the project it says default. working on 64 bit latest version.
  17. Sascha, you wrote that audio changed? Here nothing changed. No audible change whatsoever. The Low EQ prefilter and postfilter does not work, High EQ does. I'm not going through all the knobs, but it looks like it needs a little work. I'm working in 64bit! EDIT: phase shift automation gives a click. Although I don't see the meaning of automating the phaseshift.
  18. Hi, I try to automate the bypass function of AM Phibia, but it does not work. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? I use track automation. I select Bypass from the AM Phibia parameters and set the automation curve. Than nothing happens. Any ideas? cheers, -peter
  19. do you have all the drivers installed? And check the TASCAM site for the latest ASIO drivers. After installing, open Producer and press "Y". In the tab Audio setup, choose ASIO US1800 and press OK. That should do it.
  20. Select all tracks in the mixer and bring down the gain a few dB.
  21. Open SAM, press E and choose a Project Template.
  22. I won't buy the consumer products anymore. I have an older MS version running which works perfect for me on my laptop. Basic recording WITH the Take Manager.
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