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  1. Hi, SoundBytes magazine just released its first free SoundBytes plug-in available for all SoundBytes readers. It is SoundBytes Wusik Station 8. A fully functional version of this virtual sampler/rompler with reduced sound content. All of our readers get one gigabyte of hand picked selections of its finest sounds, along with an additional 500 MB for all of our subscribers. Visit SoundBytes site at http://soundbytesmag.net to get your copy of SoundBytes Wusik Station 8 with one gigabyte content and subscribe to our magazine to get additional 500 MB. best, Alex, editor at SoundBytes music magazine
  2. Thanks, was not sure about that till now. Yes obviously AT have a stereo input for speaker. ( AT can actually automatically recognize if input is stereo or mono, so when I put mono guitar on stereo track using AT, I get well balanced stereo out anyway - why stereo track? Coz it's painful to get good stereo out of mono track in Cubase ) Yes I know that was the case in real amp, but it is a such joy to drive synths through the guitar amps. As far as I know most musician do that. ... btw is it possible to add stereo input or this is a mission impossible? thanks again for your answer and greetings from Bled Alex
  3. Hi Sascha, Whenever I want to use Vandal for adding some colour or dirt to my synths I run on the same problem. Speaker simulation screwed the stereo image of the input signal. The only way to preserve the input stereo image is to pan one speaker wide left - other wide right. I'm asking that because this is not the case with Amplitube. Amplitube preserve stereo image of the input signal even if I use just one speaker inside the speaker simulation window. Em I doing something wrong or this is not possible with Vandal. At the moment I'm solving this by simply disabling speaker simulation on Vandal, but will be more than thankful if I could avoid this. ( coz I really like Vandal - you did the great job) Thanks in advance Alex
  4. Yop, it will be definitively July..Which year btw? Cheers Alex
  5. Hi Kraznet Thanks for your answer and hope your motherboard will be better soon. btw I always made a ghost copy of my C drive along with copy of all my project and D disk containing all my programs. Acronis True image or some other similar program make an excellent job. After ten minute you'll have everything the same at it was before. Cheers Alex
  6. Hi I saw Kraznet's video about Jamstix and also saw video about bouncing. I tried to bounce all 8 separate track from Jamstix to 8 audio tracks. I can't find the way to do it. Is this possible? I have arrangement and I want to bounce all VST instruments to get audio files for further mixing. I soloed Jamstix midi file but can't get a way to export it into 8 separate tracks. Please help btw.. Kraznet, I really like to see some video about grouping instruments into various groups. Thanks in advance Alex
  7. Er.. I know.. but I can't help to myself Is there any software for converting Cubase files to Samplitude files? I don't care for fx and other non compatible things. Just all audio files, midi files and maybe preloaded zhird party Vst instruments. If no, than why no? I'm sure it is not impossible..
  8. Hm strange.. I tried to edit vocal in Melodyne and found it changed color too much ( on unnatural way) , so I tried this in EA and it works fine. Hmm.. maybe it is just my lady vocalist
  9. I don't know about that, but I've downloaded Melodyne demo and tried it along elastic audio in Samp 10 pro. I was pretty amazed that elastic audio sounds noticeable better. ( I need to edit female vocal line - wrong note at the end of the chorus ) You could download a demo of Melodyne and Samp 2008 and compare elastic audio with Melodyne.
  10. Thanks Carl btw Sascha, I presume you already started working on Variverb pro, so I have just one question: Will you work on some further cpu optimization? It sound better than most of the convolution reverbs, but at the same time it eat the same amount of cpu as some of the convolution reverbs. Cheers Alex
  11. Thanks Sascha btw.. I only missed a few more vocal plate presets. I know that here are a few good producers using Samp, so it will be maybe a good idea creating a new forum part for sharing the presets for various Samp effects.
  12. Hi I owe Variverb pro vst and read somewhere that there is a version 1.1 When I go to my products page I can find only downloads for my Samplitude 10 pro update but cant find update for Variverb pro? btw .. Does anyone have any additional presets for Variverb pro?. And Q for Sascha, Could you please implement an option for saving the presets also in a preset menu. As far as I know now it is only possibly to save them as fxb and not in a menu. Cheers Alex
  13. Finally find out "Midi out" is on a left upper roll Plugin menu in the vst or vsti main window. So far so good. It works in 10 pro, but it wasn't possible to do that in Samp 9 SE. I intend to use Samp 9 SE on my laptop when I'm around coz I hate to take dongle with me.
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