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  1. Yes, I suppose. At the moment I'm more happy with the way Sonar deals with this, I think it's quicker. I don't actually understand why the 'range' isn't object independent. The object is selected and range is set for that one object, still Samplitude will proceed to process a non-selected object if it overlaps the first, selected one. I'm not sure I would agree with this design. If I had a few objects in a folder, all overlapping, the above scenario ( having to mute individual objects just to export one of them) would be difficult to manage. What are your thoughts about this ?
  2. Yes ! There it is. It works ! Thank you ! This has revealed another conundrum... Two objects, A and B. Object B slighlty overlaps object A. I have selected object A and exported it. The exported file now contains all of A and the very short chunk from B ??? It looks like 'range' isn't object independend. Is that so ?
  3. Hi there, I'm struggling to find in Samplitude's online help, how to quickly get a 'range' from a selected object. In the RANGE menu, there is the 'RANGE ALL' option, for the entire project, but where is 'RANGE to OBJECT' or similar ? I come from Sonar and there, simply clicking on the object sets the range, not so in Samplitude. Likewise, I'd imagine that by selecting the object, I would be able to export it. Why do I have to still select a 'range' ? The object IS my 'range'. What am I doing wrong ? Thanks Danny.
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