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  1. I was never interested enough to be inticed by it Reason and Samplitude has everything I need
  2. I see odd record enable button behavior with the above audio track I load a midi instrument ( zet3) on track 2 and the audio track 1 above, has a record button indicator highlighted Functionally it works ok I think, but you cant record disable the audio trac -
  3. Why mess with perfection ? He's probably making something else like a VIntage amp simulator thingy or something
  4. Not Found The requested URL /eng/seq/register_product.html was not found on this server.
  5. I remember a motherboard firmware flash fixing this same issue, although it was a different machine, OS and a while ago! Also try updating ( or even down grading ) things like video drivers I found my delta card doesn't like the latest driver. Hope you get this sorted
  6. do be do bee due ( sorry, testing out the new forum )
  7. I wouldn't waste any more of my time on Sonar
  8. +1 on SFZ You can also load up sf2 files into Reasons NNXT, FYI, FWIW TTFN
  9. Hi ROb I'm from the Sam9SE & 10SE from CM camp, and recently ( wait... since April ) been using Samplitude Producer 11 Yeah, YEah, it may be MM enhanced, but it works and sounds great to / for me. It has all and does all I want for the time being WINXP SP3 Dual Core, FYI, FWIW-works well and hasn't crashed EdItEd: Oh once a soundpool froze my system but the project was saved Ok I re-downloaded the sound pool and never froze again I dont use soundpools anyway, but full honest disclosure there
  10. I use both EZD and AD in Samplitude Producer with no issues Check these great Kraznet tuorials: http://www.youtube.com/user/kraznet#p/u/104/K8oItemHo-Q and this for Multi-channel http://www.youtube.com/user/kraznet#p/u/93/jQt6vlmXbnM
  11. Get that Producer into Best Buy. +1 Great suggestion Roger
  12. Crap ! It'll take ma an hour to get over there But I'm comin Save me a seat ( and a T shirt !!) E
  13. It comes with Samp 11 Producer as well http://www.samplitude.com/uploads/SAMPLITU..._Comparison.pdf
  14. I'm not sure, but it comes with this http://www.magix.com/us/samplitude-producer/ You can try it with the demo ( I think) Worth every penny and so much fun
  15. Objects>Lock Objects! We have a winner! Unlock the objects you wanna move around No limits yet ! Thanks a Million
  16. Hi All Q for Sam 11 Producer When I copy an object from one track to another, the object moves or inserts measures down the number of measures the copied object takes! Is there a way to insert an object without the measures moving? Basically I want to insert an object without adding measures to the track I'm copying to thanks
  17. I think when I registered it online it updated it for me I don't think or know if there's a link to Se upgrade patches
  18. IIRC 9Se went up to 9.1.1 and 10Se up to 10.21 HTH
  19. Hi The trial of Producer 11 is here, http://www.magix.com/uk/free-downloads/tri...trial-versions/ answers all questions. Brian WooHoo
  20. Awesome, Thank You ! Dongle required for authorized operations, or ...?
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