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  1. Get well SOON! :)


  2. What is the  best Mixer/Controller for Samplitude?


  3. Hi

    I have been using Sequoia 11.  I recently purchased Samplitude Prox5. (not the suite). I really love the software .  However I was slightly disappointed to see that although I am able to run the vintage effects suite (AM-Track, AM-Munition etc.) in Sequoia, this is not possible in Samplitude.

    Interestingly if I open a Sequoia project (from within Samplitude) that has those plugins in the VIP,  the vintage effects are visible .  in fact audio appears to be running through them (you can see this from the meters).  However the controls and templates have no effect.

    I did ask Magix and they said it wasn't possible.  I thought it was a shame as I clearly have a licence to use them.  Do you know of a crafty solution?

    Many thanks

  4. What plug-in is it? Regards, Kraznet
  5. Hi @Sarband , You will find it under "More" now. Regards, Kraznet
  6. I was presuming you had upgraded to Pro X5 Suite? @TotteG is correct if you upgraded to the non-Suite version you won't have a licence for the 70 GB library. Regards, Kraznet
  7. Also did you install the latest version of Independence with the Pro X5 installer? I noticed that the version you have is 3.5 whereas the latest is
  8. It's probably not a good idea to have removed Pro X4 from your computer. Purely from the point of view that if you have problems with opening projects in ProX5 can at least revert to Pro X4. Unless you are short of hard drive space I would suggest reinstalling Samplitude Pro X4 and see if that fixes the problem. Regards, Kraznet
  9. Hi @werner Thanks for confirming that is working in Catalina. Regards, Kraznet
  10. The only link I can find for Independence software Suite mac is here https://www.magix.com/int/free-download/independence-free-sampler-software/ and it appears to be 3.2. I suggest you contact MAGIX support to see if there's any newer versions although I have a feeling they may not have updated it recently. I presume you registered the original version to your MAGIX account so you can send in a support ticket from there. Regards, Kraznet
  11. Independence installers can be found here: https://www.magix.com/us/support/pro-audio-downloads/ Regards, Kraznet
  12. So do you want to save Samplitude projects including all associated audio to a separate drive? If so you need to go to File > Clean up & Backup > Save complete VIP in..You can then navigate to the drive/folder you want to save it to and everything will be copied to that drive. Regards, Kraznet
  13. Thanks Greg the cheques in the post
  14. Hi Dennis, A lot of the information in these videos is still relevant today but obviously some things have changed. Yes the menus are different because they were changed from V13 (Prox2) onwards . You can revert to the original menus if you follow your instructions on the video I made just now. I would like to update them but it would be a massive job. Maybe I can use the original voice-overs and just redo the video which should be less problem but I will look into it. Here's the video: Regards, Kraznet V12 Menus.mp4
  15. Martin, how may I contact you?



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