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  1. Hi

    I have been using Sequoia 11.  I recently purchased Samplitude Prox5. (not the suite). I really love the software .  However I was slightly disappointed to see that although I am able to run the vintage effects suite (AM-Track, AM-Munition etc.) in Sequoia, this is not possible in Samplitude.

    Interestingly if I open a Sequoia project (from within Samplitude) that has those plugins in the VIP,  the vintage effects are visible .  in fact audio appears to be running through them (you can see this from the meters).  However the controls and templates have no effect.

    I did ask Magix and they said it wasn't possible.  I thought it was a shame as I clearly have a licence to use them.  Do you know of a crafty solution?

    Many thanks

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