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  1. Give it a rest Terry I'm sure I could go to any DAW user forum and dissect their upgrade /crossgrade policies and find reason to complain . What exactly are you trying to prove and when are you going to be satisfied? Haven't you got bigger fish to fry? Regards Kraznet
  2. Clearly if you don't take all the upgrades, you are not that faithful a customer! Actually you have a point there bgk . What constitutes a faithful customer? Is it someone who always upgrades and supports the development ? or someone who doesn't but continues using the version they have anyway? I would say it's the former . Regards Kraznet
  3. Right! I was with you tho. Anybody know anything about this last question? It's not a killer, but I often have a delay line panned opposite the dry track. Can be done by duplicating track, of course . . . Are you talking about the Aux Bus ? If thats what you mean the obvious thing would be to just pan the Aux Bus left or right and any signal you send to that will only appear left or right . Regards Kraznet
  4. Are you talking about Ripple Editing? Regards Kraznet
  5. Hope you find a solution hexfix ! BTW I had a look at you VAC homepage .Pretty wild stuff and you obviously have very strong feelings about synths http://www.velvetacidchrist.com/gear.htm I admire your dedication to your work . Prolific stuff may I say Regards Kraznet
  6. I just found your posts on Gearslutz Hexfix so I think they answer most of my questions . Regards Kraznet
  7. Hi Hexfix , Interesting comments. As a matter of interest whats you idea of "enough midi events" ? Are you talking high BPM sequences with lots of controller information? I always thought that Logics midi was the best and Notator/Creator had a much better feel than Cubase on the Atari . I've never used hardware sequencers but I know that many programmers swear by them . Regards Kraznet
  8. I haven't noticed this being a problem in Samp Bobby but you can turn off automatic delay compensation in that same Mixer/Track Setup window . I think I know what you mean by this . I used to do it when I used Logic to compensate for the delay with my external GigaStudio rig . So far I haven't found a similar thing in Samp . But there is a Force Latency setting for individual Plug Ins available in the Track Plug in window (click on PL box ) although I have never used it. I believe the new V9 Hybrid Audio engine may improve on things if your inserting external gear . Regards Kraznet
  9. Cool I didn't know that All this can be defined in the Project Options press keyboard shortcut and select Mixer/Track Setup : Then you can route your tracks to the required Bus : Of course you can route to Mixer Aux FX Busses from individual objects as well : Also V9 will will have Aux sends for individual tracks in the new Track Editor . Regards Kraznet
  10. Hi Bobby, Pleased to be of assistance . You can invert phase on Tracks and Objects. For tracks just right click on the Pan control and you can do everything there: And for Objects , open the Object Editor you just tick the boxes: Regards Kraznet
  11. Track automation in Samp goes directly over the object .You just need to enable the Vol button (blue) and the Pan button (yellow).The you can draw in the curves manually using the Universal Mouse Mode . Double clicking inserts a node. If you want to automate a VST FX you can press CTRL+ALT+A to open the "Midi Controller/VST Automation curves settings " window. Then you can choose the parameters you want to automate : Another method is the "Automate Next Parameter " method : You just select this and the next knob you move on the VST will be recorded as automation . It can get a bit cluttered if there are lots of automation curves though . There has been a forum discussion recently about improving this part of Samp . Regards Kraznet
  12. Hi Bobby , Samp doesn't have the lanes like in SX. But in Samp you can : 1 - Select Takes : 2 - Use the Take Manager : 3 - Use the Take Composer for comp'ing : To open the Take Composer you right click on the take and choose Select Takes > Take Composer . A separate window will open where you comp your take and when you are done you click on the X at the top right . But before the TC closes you will be asked if you want to "Apply changes from the Take Composer to the origianal project" You can choose Yes/No or Cancel . The comp'ed part will then be amended into the main VIP all nicely crossfaded : The Take Composer works pretty well although I haven't used it extensively .Basically the top track is like the master comp track and you can select a section of any of the tracks below and press Shift+C and that section is inserted into the top master take .Then repeat this procedure until you are happy with the comp. This all works in realtime whilst playing back the song in context and you can cycle the sections while working. You just need to change the solo staus of each take as you audtion and edit .If you need to make changes later you can just re-open the Take composer . There will probably be refinements in V9 as well I would imagine as it was only introduced in V8.2 if I remember correctly. Regards Kraznet
  13. I agree its very important that you are comfortable with GUI if you're spending so much time in front of it . I've been using the Alloy Skin Suite for quite awhile : http://www.synthax.com/alloy_website/img/s_project2.jpg http://www.synthax.com/alloy_website/img/s_mixer1.jpg But the new skins do look very nice . Anyway I'll keep you posted . Regards Kraznet
  14. Yes they seem to have mixed and matched some of the skins but I would say the top one (the one that you want) is the V9 skin as it's not in V8 .Maybe there are a few new options . The bottom (ugly one) looks like a combination of the V8 VIP skin and transport with the new Track Editor stitched on at the side . Hopefully I can confirm that soon when my upgrade arrives . Regards Kraznet
  15. Hi Alex , Have a look at this thread : http://support.magix.net/boards/samplitude...ghlite=asio4all It should help solve your problem . Regards Kraznet
  16. Position the cursor where you want to split it or draw a range with the Range Tool and press [T] . Go to Edit >Auto Crossfade Active and check/uncheck depending on your needs.I prefer to use the Universal Mouse mode. Control+left click to Select the clips and then then right click and select "Group Objects" Don't quite understand what you mean by that Select the transient noise with Range tool (may be necessary to disable Snap) then use "Copy" [Ctrl+C] then mark the range you want to paste it to then use [Ctrl+V ] (paste insert clip). If you enable Edit> Auto Cossfade Active then when you "Paste/Insert Clip" crossfade will be enbaled automatically. Hint -Press if you need to adjust the snap resolution. Regards Kraznet
  17. Sounds good Frank . Do you have news about mapping hardware controllers to change parameters on FX Plug ins (VST & Native) without recording automation curves? I'm looking to tweak FX like one would when using a hardware unit . You know turn a hardware knob and the virtual knob moves as well . Regards Kraznet
  18. I believe there may be a new way to automate objects in the new version but I have no details about how it will work . My main gripe is that it's not possible to map hardware controllers to move the knobs on VST/VSTi's . Now this is something that Ableton does VERY well ! I emailed tech support and they are aware of this situation and I think a solution will be forthcoming . Regards Kraznet
  19. Hi bandybum, Happy to help you out...Yes there are quite a few ways of achieving different things in Samp Pro but I'll be suprised if you can find another way to comp takes in SE- well I haven't found a way yet . In Pro you just need to right click on the object and select Take Manager .The original take Manager pre V8.2 was was pretty buggy and the revamped one added the Take Composer which opens all the takes in a new window .You still have the Take Manager but this is more like a playlist where you can just audition/replace takes whereas the TC allows you to do do detailed comping in a much more elegant way. I agree the automation is a bit clunky and I'm hoping it will improve in V9 . Having checked out SE I'm pretty impressed with it as well especially for free even though I have the full version! Regards Kraznet
  20. Well I managed to get a copy from my local newsagent's. You're right there does not appear to be a Take Manager even though it mentions it in their help index. I think there is only really one way to comp multiple looped takes. Try the following : When you've finished recording place the mouse at the bottom right edge of the object until it turns to a double arrow (make sure your using Universal Mouse Mode). Then grab the edge and pull it as far as it will go to the right . You should see more of the waveform revealed. Do the left-hand side as well until you have one long waveform. This should be all of the takes you have made in one long wave. Next using the Range Mode with snap enabled select the object from the beginning to however long the first take was. Then hit T on the keyboard to Split Object. Then try this keyboard command : Ctrl+Shft+Cursor Right (Flip Range Right). This moves the range selction forward by the same amount . Hit T again to split the object. Continue until you have split all the recorded parts into the same sizes. When you have done this grab each part and pull it down to a new track below until they are all lined up. Then you can audition each part using the T command to split the individual parts to taste. You can also use Ctrl+M to mute or unmute the objects you are auditioning. Muted parts will turn grey. Not as easy as the Take Manager but workable nontheless. Try the keyboard command Y and go to a "View Options" to define how you want the waveform/objects is to look in the VIP. Hope that helps. Regards Kraznet
  21. Hi bandybum, Glad your enjoying the world of Samplitude! Unfortunately I don't have Samplitude SE so if it doesn't have a Take Manager I'n not sure how you would comp the takes . Guess it's time for me to to go to the store to pick up a copy of Computer Music Regards Kraznet
  22. You're better off using a quality Firewire or PCI card like an RME Fireface /Multiface http://www.rme-audio.com/english/index.htm But you could try installing this driver http://www.asio4all.com/ which should work with the built in audio and allow you to use VSTi's with software monitoring . Regards Kraznet
  23. Press Y for the driver setup options . Regards Kraznet
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