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  1. Right, no newcomers allowed :-). I just chose this forum because it didn't interfere too much with our regularly scheduled broadcasts.
  2. I posted this in the English newcomer forum because I didn't want to disrupt the regular stuff, but I think that this is a good place to advertise that: After three glorious years here as the best assistant/audio engineer/mixing engineer I have encountered in my 35-40 years, Robin Reumers has to go back to Europe for technical reasons not worth going over in this post. So I have to find a new mastering assistant. He or she has to be musically inclined, technically inclined, detail-oriented, well-trained (though he or she will receive the best training in the industry), and willing to move to Florida instantly. If you know someone who may be interested, please ask them to call Bob Katz at Digital Domain (407) 831-0233 immediately. Thanks. Bob Katz 407-831-0233 DIGITAL DOMAIN http://www.digido.com
  3. Thanks, Oleksa. I'll probably use Apple's Compressor to convert to an AVI for import into Sequoia. Or Movie Edit Pro on the PC side, considering it came "free" with Sequoia. I always check audio sync in a few places against the soundtrack just in case. We'll be running at 29.97 fps I imagine, although I'm toying with doing this production in HD. I'll also have Final Cut export the audio to an AIFF for my comfort zone and not use the audio track from the movie except as a sync reference. BK
  4. I'm a newbie with Sequoia and video. How would you handoff (exchange) files with someone working in a Mac-based environment with Final Cut Pro and using Sequoia for sweetening? Would we have to go through an additional step exporting to Quicktime and then converting to an AVI? BK
  5. I use external digital and analog effects with Sequoia frequently. The delay compensation is almost perfect timing-wise, sometimes there is a totally acceptable phasing, but I have not tried to do parallel external compression and that might be the rub for you. Remember that converters themselves add some characteristics that may make it impossible to do good parallel compression via an analog addition. I can't swear to that without testing it myself. I did not study your routes, but just check them to make 100% certain that your sends and returns are going via identical routes. But when they don't, instead of phasing you'd hear a distinct delay. Did you ping the external effects in the appropriate delay compensation window? BK
  6. Please don't put my name on the list of "disgruntled users". There are certain areas of Sequoiatude that don't work well for me, but day in and day out, it is my go-to program for preparation and processing of masters for replication. You have to decide if the same areas of the program are necessary for you, and besides, if you encounter the same problems in there as I do. There are many happy users of Sequoiatude that do not encounter problems in the same areas of the program as I do. Not that that makes me any happier, but I think that it's come to the point where EVERY DAW has some area that doesn't work as well as others. If you look at it one way, you're ALWAYS going to be trading off one set of problems for another----but I prefer to look at it the other way: You're ALWAYS going to be trading off one set of advantages for another! And remember, there are things that Sequoiatude does (like powerful object-based processing) which are not available in every other program. I have a client who uses Sonar who is very happy with the program. Maybe he doesn't exercise the areas where you see problems, or those problems don't concern him. The point being that DAWs are a personal fit and I feel you should seriously consider Sequoiatude. If you would like to talk with me about the areas where I have my doubts or concerns and the areas where I am happy, write me offline at bobkatz[atsign]digido.com. BK
  7. Merry Christmas and happy holidays, you all! Even my Chinese clients wish me Merry Christmas, and I don't even celebrate Christmas officially, but my wife does, and the world goes on. Hope everyone is happy this holiday season.
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