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  1. Thanks Johnny Blade. The mastering was done at this studio (https://ardarecorders.com/). The DAW was Reaper (to play and record the wave) but the process is almost all analog.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydf9rKVuOq4 Hi, this was all done in Samplitude, except mastering. Hope you like it. Feel free to coment. Thanks
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xbzVX1nRhY&ab_channel=AlbertoIndioOficial
  4. Hi, this song was produced and mixed in Samplitude ProX4.Thanks https://youtu.be/EdkNgB9ulCM
  5. Hi, Mixed and Mastered with Samplitude.
  6. Sorry. Maybe I don´t understand what you need. For testing I created 3 AUXs. They appear in the AUX send menu in the order I created them (aux1 aux2 and aux3). If I change their order (like this for example aux3 aux1 aux 2) the next time I go to a track to send audio to the AUXs they are in this new order. I'm in ProX4. Is this what you are talking?
  7. You can change the SENDs order in the Track AUX Menu ("X") checking and unchecking the "visible" field in the AUXs
  8. After subscribing "Mix With The Masters Videos" I feel even more "frustrated" than I was because of the poor options we have in Samplitude related to automation and "session data import". I think these features are really really important in todays DAW world and MAGIX keeps delaying major upgrades in these areas.
  9. Aside from correction of bugs I just want real, global, year 2016 automation abilities in Samplitude. Of corse these should have been included in ProX2, in my opinion. Can´t understand why not. I still love Samplitude. Rods
  10. Hi, if you need money for another DAW and you like AxeFX you should try S-Gear2 from http://www.scuffhamamps.com. Rods
  11. Great! This is one of the things that still made me try to use Reaper for quick recording of ideas. Does this apply only to VSTinstruments or also to VSTplug-ins: Amplitube (guitar amp simulation) or Ohmboyz Delay (sometimes the player/sunger is recording with some special fx in the track insert that doesn´t behaves the same way when I apply freeze or at the time of mixing). Rods
  12. Hi. I use this method a lot and it works fine. The only problem is with freeze data. I've lost some freeze information with this action. Rods
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