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  1. Well thanks for the reply, i'll be getting my hands on NI Komplete 4 or 5 and some other VSTi's form Steinberg, just wanted to know. @$3000.00USD it has to be better sounding and operationally great. I think it's worth it. Can i be directed to a place on this forum with MP3 Demo's of work done in Sequoia 10 ? Cheers.
  2. Hi there guys, In a few weeks i'll be in a position to buy a new DAW, I currently use Pro Tools LE 7.3, which is cool, but i want something mroe powerful. I came across Samplitude/Sequoia. They blew my mind with the ability to edit at object level, the great modelling plug-ins etc. As someone who uses RTAS now can I ship-in VSTi's into Sequoia and use those as my main instruments. I do not do much live recording, I was wondering if Sequoia can handle my orchestras, beat=boxes etc ? 2. Can I use internal bus recording to turn my Midi into Wav's ? 3. How is Sequoia on handling large Midi files ? I think those are my main queries, i kinda have a handle on the other things. Just wanted to know how it handled VSTi's since I have over 50 gigs of samples to use. Thanks for oyur help in advance.
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