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    MULTIMEDIA_ AUDIOVISUAL_ Composer , arranger for Music<br />_ creator music themes _using SAMPLITUDE PROFESSIONNAL<br /><br />VISTA 64Bits _ sound card: firewire 410 from M-audio<br />8G ram_ video: nvidia GTX280_ <br />SAMPLITUDE PRO V8.3 and Pro10 _many many plugins(reaktor 4,reaktor5,brass,storm,complete classical collection,etc.....) Komplete 5_Stormdrum_etc....
  1. Hi Theddy, How much are you looking to spend? -tkr HI tekker you see i am in france and i know different shop of professionnal music hardware so its not a problem to find at good price and even the manufacturer of my sound card M-Audio proposes monitors thanks theddy
  2. HELLO AGAIN i thank you for your answer ;i think i will look for some good monityors speakers theddy
  3. hello every one i use Samplitude v8.2 pro ;i do not have any studio , all is in my home in my room : this si where i create my music _all is in my pc : i use only vst instruments plugins and my sound card is FIREwire 410 from M-Audio ok , so i need your help and advice for my equipment_until now i used to connect my system hifi stereo to my sound card to create my music but i want to change for more quality what should i do better : connect monitoring studio speakers to my sound card or a high end system hifi stereo (like Denon or Nad ..... ) ? cause i got to do the best choice and until today i notice that some people say that monitoring speakers are better but others say no (even people in post production audio): work with and connect to sound card a high end quality system stereo hifi is good so what do you think ? thanks THEDDY (from france)
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