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  1. It worked+ I still have the plug-in browser option, thanks!
  2. Is there a way to revert back to the old way? or maybe they should place something to the track fx menu so those who liked the old way can access from there. From what I can understand most of the track fx menu is now not needed cause of the new browser.
  3. A ram test also might be good to see if there's a problem.
  4. Today I saw someone else confused on a forum today. Just a thought but moving all music programs to 1 place seems more logical to me.
  5. I was reading info on Vandal blog site and notice it comes with Samplitude silver? also from a forum I found out about samplitude producer edition... Why aren't these products on website? is there some sort of marketing experiment going on?
  6. I've been asking for a smoothing feature in FFT Filter for some time. The smoother the curve, the fewer time-domain artifacts; sharp steps make time-domain ringing. But I'm not sure if that's what you're asking for. If you just want to push a peak up or down, use the nudge tool, and click above the curve (or below to raise it). The farther away you click, the wider and smoother will be the adjustment. Unless you're trying to do some tight surgical thing, it's often better to start with a flat curve and nudge it into what you want rather than trying to draw it. David L. Rick Seventh String Recording Thank you thats the reply I needed and I also agree what you request is also needed.
  7. Hi, my english isn't very good but I'll try to explain the best I can. With fft, I create a filter but I want to smooth it (for example, make a 10 db bell 5 db...). Is this only possible by lowering the resolution?
  8. Hi everyone first post here, I think there's still no info on limitations of samp. 10 se anywhere so maybe giving some here would be nice. 48 tracks (including aux and submix) max, can prepare cd's for writing (but seems won't write), Flac (it converts and plays but couldn't find the option to record), Hybrid engine...I can help if anyone wants to ask anything about this, just be specific couse my knowledge isn't advanced yet about samplitude. For me what bothered most was the plug-in limitation (and no freeze option): On tracks, only 2 plug-ins that are from other developers can be insterted +2 if you use samplitude's (actually 3 if you count the eq) On output, only 4 plug-ins can be inserted from different developer On objects, same as on tracks. So this sadly makes it unusable for mixing (at least for me). I still would like to record and edit though. Question is: Say I have 40 tracks recorded/edited as .wav and I want to export each track but also converted to flac. Whats the easyest way to do that? I'll probably have more questions later on but it would be nice to read others here too so the learning process can be faster.
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