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  1. what is your setup? Which VST's? Which monitoring mode are you using? Are you working in economy or hybrid mode or...? in Hybrid mode, normally, having a Dual core machine and Win XP MIDI tracks with VST's should freeze. Audio tracks with VST effects should freeze with the effects added. Effects on aux tracks I THINK should also freeze. Here we are, and thanks to clarify for me...Midi track use VST's and Audio track use VST effects....then ? we can't have VST effect on Midi tracks...? Did you try freezing directly from the VST manager? NO, not yet, coming later...and Thanks Greg, a big thanks Greg
  2. All VST's - effects, synths, EQ's, etc. should freeze with the entire track (like render). Greg then ? why, when I try, only the VST'i...s are recording into wav? when I do it with normal VST, the FREEZE is coming or rendering blank? and the wav is recorded but empty......? thanks
  3. OK, I found the way with the VST...i but not with the VST...Then? we can only use the VSTi, I mean an instrument, to FREEZE a midi track? What about the normal VST ? thanks
  4. Ok, I dig, and dig, and, thanks something with your help I could figure out...Yes with the VSTi it is working, but, I was not sure, after I had also to save the Freeze object, into a Wav or MP3 file..... Then ? now, if I like to save, say from a midi file with 16 tracks, then, I suppose, I can save or the all file into an audio file part or part of it...this is GREAT...... happy I am happy you helped me..... but still much to learn.....
  5. Sorry and thanks, still not clear....How can I change a midi track into an audio track? I would need a real wav file, or MP3, and the freeze function or bounce, I am still lost with it.... Sorry.....
  6. yes, I like to know, how to REC each Midi tracks from a midi file in audio format? say I have on midi track1 the melody, on midi track 2 a bass, on midi track 10, drums and so one, I would like to know, if I MUST REC each tracks separatly with my audiocard, an fireface 800, or? if I would like to use VSTi instrument, what would be the exact procedure to use with Samplitude 10? I really need to save each midi track into a unique audio wav file, for editing purpose.... many thanks.....
  7. Greg, Frank, Phil, thanks all of you for your time and answers... What I do understand, is we can do it from the midi side but not from the audio side, I mean on the audio, we could do it, but this is time, and not too sure if the result would be nice, and, yes I am watching the Video's, but, did not find something on the tempo subject, of what I am looking for... and, we can rec from an hardware live tempo change on audio, but, Samplitude is not yet able to detect the change...Does a software like Melodyne, who could very soon, recognize into a chord and separate differents voices or timbres, but, for the tempo, this must be a different stuff altogether...then the sample or Wav or MP3, presently can only be stretched or make shorther, but, ? what would be needed from a mathematic point of view to find an exact change or variation of tempo in an audio file? thanks you Frank, just a question....you said """I think it is better to do the tempo variation already while recording the performance and match the VIP tempo map afterwards. """ then How would you do it, by guessing? no I am sure, but how? thanks you
  8. have you recorded some audio at 100 and now need to create a progression ?? don't know if it's possible ! My vision of tempo with audio at least, is : put first your markers on the arrangement, activate Click, and Rec, following the tempo variation. It should be the same when recording MIDI. But importing midi file is another story as Sampliquoia asks to import or not the tempo of the MIDI file. I've never tried to put first a tempo map on an empty arrangement, import a MIDI file and said No to the question to try to use this map on the imported file. Hope some tempo experts will come here ! best Phil Ok Phil thanks again, and, like you said, it would be nice to have others members giving some more ideas on the subject.... I did recorded a multitrak project at 100 bpm. When the project is finished and saved into a VIP file, I would like to gradually increase or decrease it from any bars for a certain amount of bars, to make either the slowing down of the project, at a certain point and going back, for example to it's original tempo, but, either slowly or very quickly...then ? still no idea? in that case, whne I record, I use a steady tempo, and I was certain we could modify tempo into a project,,,,or I am very stupid, still.... thanks for ALL imputs...... Ok, then come a second question... If I would record a project and, when recording, would change or manipulate the tempo live, with an arranger or a synth, we could do it, using the tempo knob of the hardware, then ????? Samplitude 10, how it would be able to find the variation of tempo from the project? thanks you
  9. I just did try the Crossfade Editor, and, when I did some manipulation, the project was stopped, and when I did played back, I had a message telling Out of Sync....and the sound was playing like a mumble not very OK, Then, I searched for some informations in the book and in the help file, but, nothing is mentionned... I had to close Sampli10 and restart.... What did I did wrong? RME fireface 800 and kHz 48000, Asio buffer 256 thanks you
  10. Tempo/Bar marker Tempo and bar switches are an important expression medium of your music and can be manipulated in Samplitude with a vast range of possibilities. OK I have read it, but, still I do not grab it, because, we can do tith, we can do that, but HOW ? The definition of tempo and bar measure changes is achieved completely using markers inside the project window. Continual speed progressions or abrupt tempo / bar measure changes can be defined with special tempo and bar markers. Resulting tempo progressions are automatically calculated. The display in the transport window provides optical control of the tempo and bar measures, showing current values during playback and repositioning. You can move the musical grid using data points to certain time position or adapt it to existing audio and MIDI events, for example, a reference drum track. Three marker types are available for grid definition: Tempo Beat count measure (musical signature) Bar position You can also transfer tempo information ("tempo maps") from the MIDI file to your project during import. Here Samplitude automatically creates the tempo markers necessary for this. "Tempo maps" can be exported as MIDI files. In addition, MIDI and audio objects can be coupled to the musical grid and then modified depending on the position during tempo changes. YES, but again HOW to DO it? cry cry.....and, with the book Samplitude 10, we only have a tempo marker.....did not see something else, yet.... $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ What I would like to know, is, first how to truly see, some change of a Tempo, from a BPM of 100 and going to 130 on, say 10 bars....Can we do it on Audio wav or not? or only on Midi materials? A tutorial could be very handy, here, I do not speak about the stretching, or, maybe I do not understand well, but, even if I put tempo marker, inside an object, and that object is alone in a VIP project, do I have to cut the object at each change of tempo? thanks you.... for example I love the video in the forum, they are a great help, and I thanks for it
  11. well doctor Philw, thanks for your help, to be handy for sure and, watch out, pour guy, I would need more from you....If you can stand it....
  12. merci Phil, c'est encore trouble.... Thanks Phil I still have trouble with it, I mean with the markers, need time more time...In fact, my first question would be, how to find the exact timing of a beat, if I open a wav file and not knowing what is the BMP...do we have a way to deal with it? have a nice day
  13. If I have a multitrack recording, and, say, I like to increase tempo or decrease it from say 100 to 110, from range or beat 25 to 29, and then decreased it from 110 to 90 bpm, at the end of a project? how to do it? thanks you
  14. Hi Phil, thanks for the tip, going to give it a try...so much to learn
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