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  1. probably going to buy Samplitude 10, and, I would like to know, how to implement instruments deffinitions, like either Sonar or Cakewalk into Samplitude? Or, do we have another way to, for example recording in Midi format from Oasys Korg, from it's internal sequencer, to Samplitude midi sequencer, and be able to play the native timbres of Oasys, but, when Oasys would NOT be ON....? I mean, when Samplitude would play back to internal eithers Windows player, using an REM FF800 for audio gear.... thanks you
  2. ok, I begin to get it, then Samplitude would not run very nicely on a Vista, either 32, or 64 bits.... The only stuff, is, I just bought a new Dual Core, and, I had to buy the OEM version of, of course Vista, and since you can't exchange OEM software from a machine to another one, why again by Win XP, when Vista is going to be the norm? Then, sorry but I hope Magix is going to release a stable Samplitude 10 running nice on Vista, otherwise, I would probably buy another daw, who run under Vista...or ? having a dual boot, one for Vista 64 bits, almost nacked, and the other one for internet and others stuff, or, this is crazy, steal a Win XP on the internet, because, I can't use the former one, or transfert to a better computer.... No wonder, and sorry, that so many are picking up softwares on the Net....
  3. Probably going to buy the Samplitude 10, not the Pro version, and I have 2 questions first, does Samplitude run with a Vista 64 bits ? and, can we also have to software in french version? thanks, for helping me
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