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  1. Ok, I guess it must work better with drum sounds. I have always found it to be hopelessly unreliable with chromatically sampled instrument sounds.
  2. Do it in Pro Tools. The various silence detection and removal features in Samplitude have never worked reliably. The manual is vague and unhelpful on this topic, as it is on most topics.
  3. Side-chain isn't supported for that plugin in Samplitude, I'm afraid, because it needs VST3 support, but Samplitude still only supports VST2.4. Sorry not to have better news. You can still write automation with Vocal Rider, though.
  4. You are not overlooking anything. Waves sidechaining works only in ProTools and in hosts that support VST3 (not currently Samp).
  5. It's not a cheap option (although it is within some good-value bundles), but Waves Supertap would do the things you want. The only small caveat is that it doesn't have separate HP and LP filters for each delay line (they do have some EQ capabilities though). Possibly also the OhmForce OhmBoyz delay can do what you want.
  6. Really? Glad to hear it's ok for you. I haven't tried - I remember someone else on this forum mentioning they had problems opening the Waves GUIs on a 64-bit system.
  7. Waves does not work with 64 bit windows yet - check the waves support site for compatible operating systems.
  8. I'd suggest backing up your system before installing MEP15 -- if it's anything like the version that came with Samplitude 10, it installs a zillion things that you may not want (no spyware, just lots of consumer-level multimedia programs and utilities).
  9. Unless it's an upgrade (in which case you'll get a code), the dongle comes in the box.
  10. Even when clicking notes in the midi editor with the hybrid engine enabled?
  11. Trilogy will work, but only if you turn off the option in Samp to disable the low-latency engine during mixdown and track freeze. Otherwise the change in buffer size caused by that setting will cause Trilogy to go out of time. Keep in mind that Trilian and Omnisphere aren't fully compatible with Samp yet -- this may be something to do with Samp apparently not fully supporting the VST2.4 standard. However in other respects I can warmly recommend Samp, it's a great host with many useful features all in one place.
  12. Hm, after playing (or tormenting myself, depending on how you look at it...!) with this some more, I'm hoping it's been improved in Samp 11! I am frustrated, for instance, by the lack of a way of managing learned hardware settings. After some trial and error I discovered that these are stored in a file called "Dump.cvd" in the Samplitude/controlpanels folder. This can be opened with a text editor and with a little perseverance it's reasonably straightforward to work out what in the file corresponds to what. I encourage anyone who uses the learn hardware facility to back up their Dump.cvd file because all the learned settings appear to be reset when opening the hardware controller page in system options. But as always, maybe I'm missing something -- the manual isn't as clear as it might be on how all this stuff works...
  13. I must admit I'm still finding this baffling. Suppose I connect my Oxygen 61 MIDI keyboard controller to my PC and run Samp. Then, in the 'hardware controller' dialogue, I add it as a controller on the 'controller setup' tab (with MIDI in from the Oxygen). On the 'customize controller' tab I wiggle a fader, choose 'mixer > master > fader master' then click LEARN. Now when I open the mixer I can see the master fader moving as I move the fader on my keyboard. Good. So what is the 'learn hardware controller' option meant to do? Suppose I now choose this from the mixer icon menu. I then move the master panpot on the screen. I move the hardware fader already associated with the master fader. The master fader continues to move, and the panpot is not 'learned' to the hardware controller that I already assigned to the master fader. Was it supposed to be? It would seem so, according to the manual. What am I doing wrong or overlooking...? UPDATE: This is driving me nuts. I just did the exact same steps again, and this time it worked. I have been able to change the assignment of a hardware fader from the mixer master fader to one of the Eq bands, for example. BUT 'learn hardware controller' doesn't appear to work with any plugins... SECOND UPDATE: On my next attempt to do the same thing with a plugin, it DID work. Madness... THIRD UPDATE: while I'm on a roll... it seems it DOES work for VST plugins on normal tracks, but not for those inserted in the master track.
  14. Please could you explain how exactly you got this to work in the end? I am having a similar issue...
  15. Can you make a 'dummy' empty object on the bus and link the automation to that, for the purposes of moving it?
  16. Great!MJB: I think you won't regret switching. I haven't used Cubase but I have used Live, Acid and Project5, and in every case customer support (however courteous) made me feel like my views as a user were barely relevant to the product's development. (So irrelevant in the case of Project5 that all development on it seems to have stopped!). The Samplitude developers have always been very helpful and responsive, and to me this is a crucial difference. Plug-in wizard Sascha even tested his home recording hardware for me to help diagnose a problem with my sound interface. Also, when a feature or bug doesn't work as I'd currently expect/want, it is always possible to have a constructive discussion about it (both on the forum and by email), and usually the next version of the program addresses the issue. Of course, no software is perfect, but to feel involved in the development process counterbalances this -- unlike the ominous feeling I got with several other DAWs of "there are problems now, and it's probably just going to get worse" (take a look at the Live forums, for instance -- stability seems never to improve!). Good luck with your decision and testing...
  17. No harm at all in leaving it in between reboots. Do double-check how your BIOS handles attached USB devices though, just to make sure it doesn't try to boot from the dongle (which would simply slow down boot time, but not cause damage).
  18. Sorry if this is stating the obvious, but have you checked that this is not caused by your accidentally selecting a very small range and having loop mode activated?
  19. Samplitude 10 DLV (download version ) uses challenge response . Samplitude 10 Pro uses a codemeter dongle . Regards Kraznet If this is so, is there any way to remove all this Codemeter runtime that has infested itself all over my computer and Registry? It was installed without option when installing Samplitude 10 DLV. Regards, DB Yes, it can just be uninstalled from add/remove programs.
  20. Hey, it's a shame to hear that the dongle would be a deal-breaker. I use both the Samp Pro codemeter dongle and an ilok. They happily coexist and I have attached them inside my PC so there are no dangling dongles! The Codemeter requires a system process but not a program to be running. The process takes 3,600kb RAM. It's a question of pros and cons. I have used extensively Logic (for PC), FL Studio, Audition, Acid and Project5. I have also demoed Reaper, Podium, Sonar and probably others that I can't remember. Of those Logic is the only one that was dongled (at the time) and the dongle itself caused no problems. The dealbreaker with Logic was obviously that it stopped being developed for PC! With each of the other hosts I've tried there's always turned out to be either: (1) at least one show-stopping and stupid bug that the developers show no interest in fixing; or (2) lack of a crucial feature that I didn't think to test during the demo period because I would have thought it was obvious. One example here is the lack of sustain pedal support in earlier versions of FL Studio. Another is the MIDI timing delay in Live. Keep in mind too that Cakewalk products have no dongle but don't allow license transfers, which is arguably more inconvenient in the long run. Samplitude is the only host I've tried where I never bump up against a limitation, or discover a bug that isn't promptly fixed by the developers. To me, a dongle is only a very small 'con' relative to the huge amounts of 'pros' that come with Samp. Indeed the dongle arguably has its own 'pro' in that it makes software installation/activation faster. Forum threads show that Magix are very fast and helpful when a dongle fails. It's a completely different atmosphere to the Cubase forums, for example. Anyway, as you say, this isn't meant to be a 'rant', and I hope my post doesn't come across as one. I would just say: I used to hate the idea of a dongle, but when I put it in perspective as just one thing to weigh up against everything else, rather than some kind of bogeyman that was going to eat my PC, I felt the advantages outweighed the disadvantages. Good luck with your decision Iain
  21. I can't help with the Vista-specific issues, but be careful with EW PLAY -- it isn't properly supported under Samplitude and in my experience can't be relied on in its current version (search the software forum below for threads on this).
  22. My 2 cents would be to ditch sfz (or sfz+) and buy Kontakt or Dimension Pro to use with your soundfont. Sfz is not regularly updated, is poorly documented (as you mention), and has various compatibility problems with newer software and hardware (e.g. multi core PCs) that I've discussed with the developer and other users on KVR (search the KVR Rgc forum to see). Dimension Pro has more robust support for sfz features and playback, including important factors like proper release sample handling, although personally I would recommend Kontakt since it opens the door to so many other libraries and its format is more easily editable. I know Sfz is free, which seems great, but my experience was that I would have rather paid sooner for Kontakt, and just got on with music making, than wasted time trying to get good results with an out of date VSTi.
  23. Ok. Perhaps edit the thread title to reflect this, as a courtesy to developers and other users? Just my 2 cents...
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