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  1. Question for you: I just got the Axiom 25, on loan from my nephew incase I buy it from him. Can you tell me what you did to make it work? Did you download presets? I've been looking for information. I'm just starting midi (Kratz's tutorials are great!)but i was looking for someone who was using Samp and this controller? Any info or a link to a tutorial would be appreaciated
  2. If you're not too "bashful," maybe you'll give us a "taste" of your first project... Good to have you. Enjoy your new DAW! It would appear so.
  3. I guess, maybe others will chime in whenever they feel. My story goes a bit like this: I took a community class on audio production. Not a bad class & the instructor was very knowledgeable, just not enough "hands-on" to make you feel like running home and getting started. But he gave us a disk that had his powerpoints and some software on it. There were 3 DAW's, Cubase (early version), something I can't remember , and Samp ver. 6. I tried the Cubase first and didn't quite care for it. Opened the Samplitude and was amazed! Printed off pieces of the manual to get up to speed and that was it! I've since moved on to version 11 Pro. I can honestly say I don't need to "sample" mutiple DAWS on my computer. I have ZERO interest in the "industry standard!" I'm VERY happy with this one. I don't have to talk down about other DAW's because people are gonna use whatever works for them. Samplitude works for me. I look forward to heading to my studio any day to work on/create new projects. I learn something new all the time. It works good and it sounds good! So whatever works for you Elf, learn it to the best of your ability/creativity, and use it to make great music
  4. Figured out my own method, moving on....
  5. I'm using Samp 9 pro with an R16. The zoom driver is extremely "moody" which constitutes me plugging and unplugging to get to recognize my USB interface. I would like to use the asio4all, but for some reason, I can't get all the input to show up. I'd like to use the 8 mono just for recording vocals. I have phantom power in put 5 & 6, but they don't show in the audio device recording in Samp. Is there something else I need to adjust to use the asio drive in samp to make it see all the inputs? Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  6. [Kraznet Can you help me with something. It's not quite related to tutorials, but it would make a good one!! I just bought the Zoom R16 and I'm trying to use it as an audio interface/Controller. But I guess I'm not setting up the controls right. I'm using Samplitude Pro 9 and I'm trying to use the zoom with it. Must be some settings that I don't have connected. Any help you can give would be great! thanks
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