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  1. I get a lot of them since the patch to v11.2, although there is nothing wrong with the recording and I didn't change anything in my setup (hardware/software). If I remember it correctly, we had this problem in earlier versions and it got fixed in v11.1 or something. It's a bit annoying to get all these markers every time one record something and you get insecure 'cause you never really know if there's something wrong or not... Cheers Alex
  2. Lade doch mal einen Ausschnitt hoch und erzähle etwas mehr von den Unterschieden die du zu hören glaubst. Gruss Alex
  3. Ich finde das kann man so nicht sagen. Die Option anzugeben wieviele Kerne benutzt werden sollen als Feature zu präsentieren ist etwas zuviel des Guten. Fakt ist meines erachtens, dass der Multi-CPU Betrieb bei vielen zu Problemen führt und durch "umschalten" auf einen (in Zahlen 1) Kern, Samplitude plötzlich viel stabiler und runder läuft. Ich hoffe da auf Optimierung im nächsten Patch. Gruss Alex
  4. Were you on LSD when you did this? *lol Tell the truth! Seriously, it really is too much of everything. It also looks like you wanted to put every existing color and style in that skin. In this case less is MUCH more. Still, I appreciate your effort! Thank you. Invisible Man
  5. I have SAM 10 (formerly classic) and the included Independence. I don't know much about it, except it's crashing my computer. If you need a good sampler I'd suggest you look into N.I. Kontakt. For drums (and more) check FXpansion Guru or N.I. Battery. Cheers Invisible Man
  6. If you have purchased SAM 10 you should talk to a mod@ posting in the SAM forum. Anyway, Independence and SAM 10 don't work well together. I have a lot of crashes too and now stopped using Independence. Cheers InvisibleMan
  7. Well, I finally got the keyboard playing. I missed a little thing there. Though, I still have some questions. 1. I recorded a VSTi. Now, I would like to add some notes via keyboard (not via midi-editor), but everytime I record something, my old line gets overwritten with the new recording. I'm pretty sure there must be an option that "adds" my new recording instead of "replacing" it. The manual didn't help. 2. I'm still hoping for a preset for my Axiom 61. Also, I wonder why my pitch bend on the keyboard doesn't get recorded, while my mod-wheel gets recorded. I hear both when touching them, but just the mod-wheel gets an automation-curve. Could someone point me in the right direction? Thanks again. Take care InvisibleMan
  8. Hi mates First of all, I’m new to Samplitude (coming from Logic) and happy to be. Though, I encountered some problems. Hopefully you guys can help me out. My MIDI-keyboard is driving me crazy. It’s an M-Audio Axiom 61 connected to my computer via USB. When I shut down Samplitude yesterday it worked fine (after finally getting it to work). Today, I started Samplitude and had no midi-signal at all. So, I tried several settings but the keyboard seems to have its own mind. Sometimes I get a signal but no sound, sometimes it works without problem, then again not even a signal. I’m really getting confused as I know for a fact the keyboard works fine (it does in Logic). Also, yesterday I recorded a solo played with the keyboard. The notes got recorded, but the bender-values not, although I heard the bender while playing. Automation was active (latch/touch). As I seem to have several problems related to my midi-settings/midi-keyboard, might the hw-controller option be a solution to them? Does someone have a preset for the Axiom 61? This would be great, because I’d like to use the knobs and faders too. Thanks in advance! Cheers InvisibleMan p.s. If a mod reads this, I’m registered (board&support), but can’t write in the other sections. I already wrote an email to xxx@magix.net, but maybe someone could speed up things? 
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