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  1. Thank you Phil. I don't like the idea of just living with it, and I hope someone from Magix will recognize it, track it in their bug reporting system, so we can get a fix someday. I searched in the forums, and couldn't find it (ok, maybe I did not search long enough). Perhaps other contributors to the forum are calling it something else. Would you have a clue on what to look for? Norm
  2. Hi all. I'm a new user to Samplitude, and I like what I see so far... Anyway, I'm having this bizarre problem where if I stop in the middle of a song, and the position bar goes back to a silent point before the song (i.e. there are no tracks with any content at that point), and press play again, I here some popping coming from the reverb. If I stop at a point where there is total silence, i.e. at the end of a song where there are no more objects, then I don't hear the popping whe I press play again. Actually, these reverb artifacts happen if I replay pretty much anywhere in the project, it's just that the artifacts are easier to hear when there is no material underneath. It is as if the Aux sends are not being cleared when stop is pressed, at least the last sample anyway, and when you press play, it resets it to zero or to whatever the last level was, and the reverb reacts to this. If there is no reverb on the aux channel, then this issue does not happen (or at least, it is not perceptible). Would I be setting something wrong? Could this be a bug (there appears to be a few of those lying around...)? Thanks. Norm
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