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  1. hey, is there any easy way of splitting up stereo (2-channel or otherwise) into mono tracks easily in samp? in ProTools you can of course just drag from multi channel tracks into mono ones and in automatically breaks up. This would be the nicest way is samp had anything similar... Other programs, like cubase, lets you split the tracks when importiog, also pretty nice feature, maybe samp has this at least... And I am aware that you can choose which channel you process, this is nice, but it would be cool if there was a feature that let you throw away the channel(s) you don't want... hehe, im posting questions like crazy here, but it's just that i want to see if samplitude can funcion nicely with my workflow... and it seems to do just that...
  2. Are there any set keys is samplitude or is it possible to set them yourself, that enables you to pitch an obejct up or down directly with the keyboard? Didn't find anything in the short key settings... And also, can samplitude let me see in text on the objects, how many semitones up or down i have pitched it..? (like +2 or -6 you know...)
  3. I've tested out samplitude's loop function, and how well it would work for laying up a song. And there's one thing i haven't really worked out. If i make a midi part into a loop object, i can drag it out and that's all good. But i i maybe dont want any bass in a part of the song, and cut away say 4 bars of bass, everything to the right of the cut becomes silent? Can you do a break in a succesion of loops like this somehow? And I don't suppose there isn't any way of putting a bunch of audio objects (or clips of whatever) into some kind of loop object without turning the clips into loop obejcts themselves? Like midi notes inside a midi object... And i know about the glue audio function... One more question about midi objects, by the way. Most of the time i program my midi, not record it. I make electronic beats, and i prefer to put out midi notes on the piano roll with the mouse... Can you easily make new empty obejcts over a marked place in time? So i can make say 2 bars of empty midi object somewhere in the song...
  4. Hello, I've been checking out Samplitude, for a possible move from Cubase, and I must say it seems like a very nice piece of software. The ability to add fx and all that stuff to objects is really nice. I have a question though. I make my music mainly from samples from wierd records i find, and i have been looking for a way to work directly with them to chop them up, find small parts i like, and put them together in new strange ways. Samplitude seems to do this very nicely. Although, there is one thing in Cubase, that is actually very useful, and I'm wondering if there is any similar thing in Samplitude. In cubase, you can put a bunch of audio clips into a "region", so they are contained in a little box, that you can in turn copy and so forh. This is very useful when building a groove from a bits and pieces from sample, or of course, different samples... So I'm wondering if there is any way of putting different objects in Samplitude (maybe bits and pieces from a sample from a record) into yet another object. (or something like that). I'm aware of the group objects function, but it's not quite the same... It would be very nice if you could turn the objects with objects inside into that loop thing, so that every subsequent editing in the object would be done all over. This you can do in cubase with "ghost regions", that all follow the same editing inside, whether it be a MIDI region or audio... /oscar, from sweden
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