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  1. But there is no buy now button. Might make Magix some $'s if they made it available. I am hoping for a new skin on their parametric EQ and EQ116...something a little more Protools like would be nice.
  2. Good deal. Who knows what the future holds for Pro X...we'll see.
  3. I bought Sam 11 right when Pro X was coming out so I was lucky to get the upgrade. Between the two, I prefer Sam 11. The new Sascha plugs are nice though, and it was nice to get Variverb and the Vintage suite, but I don't know if it's enough to justify the additional dollars to get the upgrade for you. You could try the trial and see. Seeing what they did in Pro X, I'm glad I got 11 as I don't see Magix going back to the way Samplitude was for so many versions and years. ProTools/Avid seems to realize it's best to leave well enough alone and just add features. Smart. Magix seems to be flopping in the wind trying to be something else to gain market I suppose. Maybe they'll add a way to turn off the docking thing as well as address all the bugs I've read about on the other sub-forum. Ah well, such is life.
  4. Hey, I remember you from the little Sam board! I have Pro X, but I don't really like it that much and don't need some of the peripheral features that were added. I would have been happy if they left it the way 11 was with only some new additions. The docking thing is for the birds as far as I'm concerned and the new OE isn't that stupendous either. Seems there are a lot of issues too. I really do like Sam 11 and it was an easy cross from SMS14. All I did was copy the new eFX folder into Sam 11 and now the plugs are remembered. They were seen before, but would revert to the old eFX's when the project was re-opened. I named the old eFX folder 'Old'.
  5. Shhhhhhhh, is that the sound of crickets?
  6. Thanks, Sascha! They not only look great, but they sound even better. I love 'em! I figured out how get them to be remembered in Sam 11 and I'm happy as a clam. Would love to see you make over some of the other plug in's like EQ, etc. EQ could really stand knobs instead on the single slider for multiple values (Q, Freq, Gain). Anyway... Thanks again!
  7. I have no experience with MMX, but I do with Magix audio products for the past four years or so. Maybe point Prod 11.5 to scan the MMX folder and see if that works.
  8. This was written with tongue in cheek. Didn't mean for it to come off serious. Samp Music Studio 14 is what eventually led me to Sam 11/ProX. I learned a lot from Kraznet's vids on big Sam and was able to apply a lot of this to SMS14. Some acquaintances purchased Sam Prod 11.5 recently when it went down to $99 upon my recommendation and I was surprised to find out so many of the features of my old #14 were missing from this new version. The feature set, and price, is why I went to big Sam over Samp 15 and then Producer 11.5. Maybe Magix will put everything right in the next version of Samp Producer. Probably not. Still love my Sam 11!
  9. Yeah, I got that email too. No Sequoia there... @Tim: Music Studio was a stripped down version of Sam classic until version 15 or 16. It made moving to the fuller version much easier. Now it's UI is different and dumbed down quite a bit which I thought was the job of Music Maker. Oh well, progress.
  10. No American customers? C'mon...sheesh. They might make some bread doing a cyber Monday thing, but whatever they do, they still have one helluva DAW. Sad what happened to Music Studio (now Producer) though. Not a smart move, imo.
  11. Well you may have, but there's only one page of threads and two or so of them are unanswered going back two or three months. To me, and Scott too, that's DEAD! Maybe you should go over and give 'em a hand, GH.....
  12. That's exactly what I wrote in my response to Johnbee's thread on the new Samp Prod board. The old little Sam board was fine....not sure why Magix closed it, but I guess they have their reasons...
  13. Thanks, found it.... http://www.magix.info/us/forum/1-all-about-magixs-programs/184-samplitude-producer-samplitude/
  14. I had someone ask why they couldn't start a new topic there and I tried myself and found the same goes for me? Where will all those users go to find help?
  15. What ever happened to this elf guy? He was a mainstay here for about six or so months..... After trying about 4 DAW's I downloaded the Music Maker trial after hearing about it on another forum. Liking it, it lead to downloading a Music Studio 12 trial. I found I was able to instinctively do things with Samplitude that would require having to read a manual on other DAW's. About $600 later I haven't looked back. I do want to dabble in ProTools though. Someday it just may eclipse Samplitude overall, but we'll see. Until then, it's Sam all the way. My hope is Samplitude retains what made it great while adding some of PT's features like its superb native plug ins.
  16. I DL'd this a while ago in anticipation of getting Sam 11. It's a pretty darn nice skin and nice to have options. Thanks, DW.
  17. Good for them! This is a great way to create new users and some converts. They'll try the limited version and, like myself, will end up loving this app and buy a version with lesser restrictions. Good move, Magix!
  18. I would be happy to proof read the manual and such for spelling errors in exchange for a version 12! There is no reason in this day and age for all the grammitcal problems Magix puts forth in its software and reading material.
  19. Well, I meant it here as well as on your youtube channel comments. For the past 3 years, your tutorials have helped me do more with both Samp Music Studio and now Samp 11. There aren't many resources on Samp instruction. Because of this, you could probably sell DVD instruction and/or a how-to book if you had a mind to. Magix and many of us owe you much gratitude. All I can say is thanks again, Kraznet!
  20. Thank you, Kraz. You've made things so much clearer for so many....you are the best ! And not a bad bassist either.
  21. Well, I for one have switched. For a while I was lost in the DAW forest.....flailing around trying to find one that made sense to me and was easy enough to use as to not ruin the creative flow. While there are some nice aspects to REAPER, AcidPro, Live, MixCraft, and Sonar, and I wish some workflow/features were the same in Sam, Sam just makes overall sense to me and I love, love, love the object editing. And the Mastering is easy. That said, one can have problems regardless of DAW. I had to reinstall the latest version of Samp to get a MIDI problem fixed. You may want to check out Samplitude Music Studio as an affordable starter app.... Good luck!
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