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  1. Not sure where that thread went, anyway.. Thanks to CS, the Alphatrack is up anf going, sort of, It seems the only thing the LCD will display properly is Pan. I also have no insert or plug in control ,those buttons do nothing, and the LCD shows no info regarding these. Is it something wrong with my system, or does samplitude not communicate with Alphatrack properly? Need info from other samp/alphatrack users...
  2. Im having problems with waves plugs guys. Im trying to get em all showing up as DX but a few will keep showing up as VST's. Anyway, main problem is Even after a uninstallthe waves plugs completely and re scan the folder , I STILL have the waves plugs showing up under DX in the plugs list. Even though they are now uninstalled and wont load. How can I get rid of em ?? The way Samp seems to handle waves seems very convoluted.
  3. In the classic version 10, can I use addictive drums? As it has 16 individual channel outputs? thanks.
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