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  1. Without the DDP export option in Samp, what format are you guys sending to manufacturing? Just a burned Redbook right out of Samp?
  2. I am mastering a project with Samp and would like to export a DDP file. Is this possible and how? In the help index it says something about the optional DDP module? Where is it, or how do you get it?
  3. Its an older version V8.3 I think, not around the rig right now. , I am using AMTRAC for a comp, the Universal Audio Precision EQ, and the Universal Audio Precision Limiter, limiting to -0.1. When I choose make a CD, I use Triangular noise spread for Dither, making 16bit 44.1 audio Wave Files
  4. Hi, I am very new to samp. I am doing a mastering project in Samp, I imported all my mixes from another program. The files were 24bit/48k. I have all the mixes in one track and I am using the object editor on each song to do my mastering processing, and when I am finished I freeze each object to conserve DSP. The problem I am have is that when I go to make a CD after inserting all my track markers, after I hit make CD and it does the Track bounce it always says my maximum amplitude is 1.14>0 which I take it is greater than 0. How can this be. I am carfully limiting all of my tracks, never having any overs. If it is greater than 0 than why do I not see any overs in the visualization meter? Please help!
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