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  1. Hi,

    1. What version are you using?

    2. What FX have you been using?

    3. What settings have you been using for re-sampling



    Its an older version V8.3 I think, not around the rig right now. , I am using AMTRAC for a comp, the Universal Audio Precision EQ, and the Universal Audio Precision Limiter, limiting to -0.1.

    When I choose make a CD, I use Triangular noise spread for Dither, making 16bit 44.1 audio Wave Files

  2. Hi, I am very new to samp. I am doing a mastering project in Samp, I imported all my mixes from another program. The files were 24bit/48k. I have all the mixes in one track and I am using the object editor on each song to do my mastering processing, and when I am finished I freeze each object to conserve DSP. The problem I am have is that when I go to make a CD after inserting all my track markers, after I hit make CD and it does the Track bounce it always says my maximum amplitude is 1.14>0 which I take it is greater than 0. How can this be. I am carfully limiting all of my tracks, never having any overs. If it is greater than 0 than why do I not see any overs in the visualization meter? Please help!

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