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  1. I have looked at the guide and am now not sure if i should us ASIO or what? v10
  2. Hi How do I turn off midi echo?
  3. I am using an RME fireface 800 Hybrid engine Yes I have selected a track
  4. I am trying toi play audio files from the load audio window. Preview is greyed out for all audio formats
  5. Hi can someone tell me how to get audio file preview to work please?
  6. I just found that I need to set the sync on my focusrite preamp. This gets rid of the clicks. I dont think using guitar rig is an option for tracking - I'll need an external processor to make this work.
  7. Hi I just tried to record a a song for a friend. I recorded his guitar and added guitar rig for distortion. Then tried to record bass but there was a clicking sound coming from the input. I changed monitor mode to hardware monitoring and the clicks went away. However I can only hear guitar rig when using Mixer FX Monitoring / Hybrid Engine. Then I tried to record his vocals and could not hear their sound in the monitors or headphones. I had to record him without using headphones so he could hear himself. I could monitor the vocals when using the Mixer FX Monitoring / Hybrid Engine but the latency was too high. Also the waveform display of the vocals were not visible unless I normalised the track. I am finding it impossible to use Samplitude for tracking. I never had these problems with cubase. It's a shame because I like a lot of things about the program but with cubase I simply set the levels and go. I have probably missed something. My PC is a quad core with 3 gigs of ram with a fireface 800. High enough specs for cubase but apparently not for Samplitude.
  8. Hi Ian Ha Ha, I was just going to reply that I had achieved the result by using a dummy object. Thanks
  9. Hi Is ther a way to zoom in on automation vertically as you do with waveforms?
  10. Hi John Because the automation is on the busses there is no object to attach the automation to.
  11. Hi I need to add another bar to the start of my song. Is there a way to move the automation on my busses along with the objects?
  12. Thanks Phil. It's a bit fiddly without these functions.
  13. Is there a key command or function that will allow me to lock automation curve points to horizontal movement only ? Also is there a way to draw a curve point with the same value as the previous curve point?
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