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  1. Confirming this Terry. 3-5 is compatible with the content on my Sequoia v14 DVD's, 3-6 is not.
  2. I was getting this (crashed Sequoia as soon as it got to a midi note). I noticed it was pinning a processor core. I went into Independence preferences and changed the multi-core support to OFF. No more crashes with memory read error. Note this setting is across all types of Independence (VST, standalone etc).
  3. Instead of copying plugins (and acknowledging that shortcut's don't work), have you tried Symbolic Links of the plugin's folders that you want to be scanned by Indy? I also use the shell extension linked below to eaily create symbolic links for other uses. https://www.howtogeek.com/howto/16226/complete-guide-to-symbolic-links-symlinks-on-windows-or-linux/ http://schinagl.priv.at/nt/hardlinkshellext/linkshellextension.html
  4. I just worked on one of those orchestra-plays-score live-to-film (with dialog / singing off film) concerts. It's a famous film and stage musical. In pre production, some years ago, the only recoverable master was a mono mix of music and dialog. Over 2 years, apparently, the voices were chiseled out of the music in Sonic Solutions with what I can only imagine was a combo of filtering and spectral editing. If you had previously asked me if that could be done I would of said no way. And yet, it was. Sure it sounded like sonic garbage sometimes, but with a lot of eq and filtering and covered by the live score and with the era of the film, it got over the line, surprisingly well. So I will check myself next time I feel an automatic No coming in answer to a technical question. Of course, having a huge budget can help.....
  5. Whats on my mind? Speakers!

  6. The other thing you can do is buy an inexpensive Reaper license, and export an EDL project, which SAMP will import happily (though check your pans, sometimes they get reversed).
  7. Honestly, I don't think they'd play that game. They're proper British chaps. I don't think Steinberg or Apple advertise in SOS either. I just think the guy who reviews Samp should stick to doing sound. Those reviews put me off for years!! pot.
  8. I think Sound on Sound have the best reviews, and Hugh Robjohns is the best technical writer and reviewer. I also think Eric James reviews are the worst: meandering, omitting important details, more about his niche work practices than the product, highly unlikely to tempt any new users. But that's just my opinion. pot.
  9. 1: option in all fx VST's with wet / dry controls, to IGNORE the (incoming) wet / dry settings when loading a new preset, either internal or fxp. In the top (black) config panel would be a nice place to put it. 2: option to mute dry, and mute wet (ALT-click on knob? (which is then impressed)) Arts Acoustic Reverb has both options, and it makes it quick & really easy to use. Really really. Love your work Sascha. Your plugs have subtle possibilites. Sound nice. 3: any interest in double click on numeric parameters and type in ? I find it handy in many plugs. Any oppurtunity to get my death grip off the mouse is welcome salute.
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