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  1. im living very much in the future now but it is for the first time that i like what i hear in digital world in the last 4 years. at this time i heard an algorithmix eq for the first time and thought other plugins should be close somehow. didnt like the idea to invest that much money in a Protools HD system to work at home where i dont have any room treatment at all. now im very confident that i can get very good results maxing out my system with powercores new plugins as well as with a future UAD2. im going to get a powercore or powercoreX8 in the next few weeks and about this time we will see if there are going to be some announcements on UAD2 on Amsterdams AES.
  2. Hi Sebastian, when i watched the video on how to install u UAD card they used the ASUS P5LD2. changing from my former AMD single core to a Pentium D was as easy as installing the card with the new board. RME has a link to ADK Pro Audio and rebuilding a system with their specs always was a no brainer until now. At the moment they prefer the Gigabyte X-38 mobos and have a Penryn Quad OC to 3.2 as a reference system. The benchmarks are very impressive and made me decide to wait with changing my system for the moment. the Q 6600 Quad is not a contender anymore i was reading on Gearslutz yesterday that UAD2 is in a advanced status what means people already had it physically in their hands. So multiple UADs are out as well now. id really would like to use Samplitude 10 Pro strictly for mixing. Install a template with channelstrips and use DSP for calculating reverbs ,delays,chorus.... I can do this in Cubase and Ableton Live without any drops or need for restarts. I hope there will be some improvements announced in the near future because mixing in Cubase4 is not fun anymore since i heard Samplitude 10. thanks, lubi
  3. i really like how my UAD1 sounds in Samplitude 10 compared to other daws. what i learned in Samplitudes forum is that some users have problems using multiple DSP cards on multicore systems. what i would like to know is if there is a time schedule where i should expect some known issues to be solved. i dont mind buying a new motherboard and following some instructions on some other parts as well,but i would like to have a plan what is working or not. I learned my lessons from Cubase4 and dont want to wait for 5 to start working. thanks
  4. da wende dich am besten direkt an die verkaufsabteilung. hier die kontaktdaten: MAGIX AG, Borsigstr. 24, 32312 Lübbecke, Tel.: +49 (0)5741-345525 / Fax: +49 (0) 5741-310768 Mail: samplitude[at]magix.net cheers, andy hab mir in meinem musikshop erklären lassen wie crossgrade funktioniert. ist auch aus wien direkt möglich thanks
  5. mathis i was away from music for about 15 years and was only used to ataris,tape and a board. what i missed definitively until now in my digital world is what siriusbliss called transparency. i think the marketing division from Samplitude shouldnt keep its transparency as a secret. i had to discover Samplitudes secret the hard way. i hate reading manuals
  6. Möchte gerne sobald es mir möglich ist auf samplitude 10 Pro crossgraden. Bin momentan ein bisschen unglücklich mit der einheitlichen preisgestaltung bei plattformübergreifenden crossgrades. In euren pdfs werden neue produkte noch nicht berücksichtigt. Hab ein mulmiges gefühl mit einer anderen software als cubase4 billiger davon gekommen zu haben können.(fehlt da sein?) Komme aus wien und die verkäufer in der klangfarbe(einziger laden weit und breit) haben mich immer zu meiner zufriedenheit beraten. bis auf Cubase4 aber die führen Samplitude auch nicht in ihrer produktreihe wollte mich direkt bei euch informieren danke Lubi
  7. If the moderators on the Steinberg forum wouldnt be so inpolite i still wouldnt look any further.On the reviews of my magazines what we call "sound" is not mentioned positively. So i just overlooked Samplitude. thanks for your reply
  8. Im demoing Samplitude 10 PRO for the second day. im running Cubase4 and realized its time to try out other DAWs before investing money in plugins. i did insert a pulteq eq and afterwards tried the 140 plate on the send. it did took my breath away and i was shutting down my pc. later this night i was playing my testfiles to a friend of mine who is musician.i was switching many times between Cubase and Samplitude. he admitted that he did hear a professional reverb out of my pc for the first time, while i was using the demo. But so am i. and thats why id like some moderators or members to chyme in and solve my confusion. if this should not be theoretically up to to the daws what is it ? my soundcard?(RME Multiface2) my brain? thanks
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