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  1. Already used the search function and could not find a solid answer on why my mackie hui version 1.45 is not fully integrating with magix samplitude pro x. I have it set up correctly under the settings ( midi/hardware) but things like the quick buttons to flip to mixer or use the aux pots do not work but work fine in other daw software? Anyone have any suggestions?
  2. Thanks I did the search as well and read most of the topics but as I am using a demo version on Sam while working in Nuendo I can not access some areas of the form and thought there might be advice or tips I was missing. Thanks.
  3. Almost every daw and wave editor now has a feature to analysis audio. What I mean by this is usually under process there is analysis and it gives you information on the track. Heres a screenshot from nuendo 3 showing what I am looking for. http://www.putfile.com/pic/8483140
  4. I did find 2 videos 50 bucks download 1 for intro and doing your first project the second for mastering, they are for 9 but the fundementals are the same. http://www.wizoobooks.com/index.php?XTCsid...4a35643bb0daed8
  5. Exactally if your first process was normalize then you do 50 more processes you can open the list and take out normalize or even replace it per clip in the arrangment.
  6. Thank you for the quick reply I was wondering how to keep track of edits and undo's, I think since I am only working with the demo some features may not be there to use. My main problem with the time stretch right now is ( I may be wrong ) no way to set "warp markers" and anchor then then adjust the markers to extend sections or make longer tails that sound natural. ( I have not found a way yet I should say ) Also a great media manager is crucial for me as I do so much sound design and have almost 40gb of audio to dig through for projects. I have it originzed well on my harddrive but in nuendo there is meta tags for searching and even batch processing in the media manager window. I have not found a good way to search and find audio besides going through the folders. Again I really appreciate the comments as I see alot of potential in Samplitude and the included plug-ins are really nice. I really like the multiband stereo enhancer for working with audio loops and samples. The other thing I really enjoy is the clean GUI that it uses as i find Nuendo to be a little dark even when you change the templates. Like I said they are both about the same price ( around a grand ) and I am just trying to get the best DAW for my application.
  7. Please provide some more specifics as to how you like to work, and what you're looking for. I don't think the Euphonix is integrated yet (isn't it Mac only?). Samplitude/Sequoia is awesome for post production work because of it's object oriented editing and audio engine. Greg Euphonix is used with the Eucon protocol its for pc or mac. My setup is for post production only I actually do not even have a A/D converter in my studio. I do editing, mixing, mastering and audio for video. I currently run Wavelab 6 and Nuendo 3 but with the upgrades in 4 it seems like the perfect choice but I downloaded the demo od Sam and really love the GUI, the stability of the engine ( so far ) the flexible routing and it sounds great. The big issuse is with features other daw's have had for years that I still do not see in Samplitude such as a advanced undo list, a better media manager, better time stretching and pitch shifting and conforming audio to film ( I dont think samplitude supports video just sequoia right ) but the largest problem would be support. Besides this forum If you do not speak or read german I have found very little information on tutorials and training. I read the PDF manual and it does not get into details about some things I would like to know more about and the only videos are user provided here. Thanks -Ty
  8. I am a current Nuendo 3 user and have downloaded the Sam pro 10 demo but am trying to decide where to take my post production DAW to. I was wondering if anyone else had any opinions on the 2 of if anyone else struggled before buying as well. Also do any of the new control surfaces like the euphonix mc pro work with sam? Thanks.
  9. I have been using version 8 for years and would like to upgrade to 10 but am wondering a few things. First does it support mackie HUI support as well as version 8 does. Is there a way to anchor a object and time stretch it like in ableton or the new elastik audio in pt, and does the pitch correction still stretch the audio. Thanks guys
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