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  1. OK, I'll bite. How much? PM me if need be.
  2. Personally, I love Vandal. I wish the newer versions were more automation friendly. To use it live you have to go back to the VST version 1.104. But, rods is right. S-Gear is really good and costs $75 for 2 licenses. You can get a fully functional demo that works for 2 weeks to try it out. I am currently using S-Gear exclusively or on stage work.
  3. Hi codedinblack, I've been trying for months to get Vandal automated and I finally did it to my satisfaction. I'll tell you how and ask you a question at the end of the post. I use a Behringer fcb1010 for MIDI control, a Lexicon Alpha usb interface, usb midi connector and a run-of-the-mill laptop with single core AMD processor running Windows 7 with ASIO4ALL as driver. The first key was the release of v11.2 like you said. I set up a vip of 11 tracks with a version of Vandal in each one, except the first one which is the MIDI channel. I then saved 10 scenes in the mixer master section. The first scene had track 2 unmuted (the first instance of Vandal) with all other channels muted except the MIDI one. The second scene had track 3 unmuted and the rest (except 1) muted. I saved a scene with each track unmuted and the rest muted for a total of 10 scenes. To be more clear, there was only 1 instance of Vandal per scene to keep overhead low. That was the instance on the unmuted channel. Then I went to the automation dialog after pressing "y" then "hardware controller." I then programed the scenes to respond to the fcb1010 and it worked great. So, I didn't automate vandal, I automated the mixer. Vandal still has too many drawbacks for MIDI automation IMO. I was able to automate Vandal this way with only 96 samples in the ASIO buffer (ASIO4ALL) with no glitches. Extremely low latency. That is the framework of what I did. If you'd like some instruction on how to set up the FCB1010 or use the Hardware/Mixer Automation function I can post step by step instructions. Now for your question. I've only been able to get Vandal to do preset up or down or scene up and down. Is there a better way to select presets and how do you do it? Thanks, Doug
  4. Which Vandal version are you refering to? Scenes can't be saved seperately. A scene is an 'alternative setting' of the current preset. But when you click 'copy', the current one is held in memory until you unload the instance. So it also survives loading in a new preset. This way, you can create presets more easily, for instance by pasting memory scenes to a new/temporary preset that you change later on. Hi Sascha and codedinblack, I'm using Sam v8.3 SE and the demo download of vandal (v.1.101) with an RME hdsp9624 sound card and a Behringer FCB1010 as midi controller.. I programmed the FCB1010 to send midi CC 23 & 24 because they are "preset up and down" messages. I now see that those midi messages had no effect. It was the Program Change messages that Vandal was seeing. I did not edit the Track Automation dialog. Anyway, sometimes I can see the scene scroll before Samplitude crashes, but it always crashes. My goal is to automate Vandal so I can use it live so I'm not interested in drawing automation curves or activating the transport to play or record. I just want to use it as a midi controllable guitar amp. Thanks for the info on "scenes" Sascha. That helps. Vandal sounds great and I am anxious for automation.
  5. I've been beating my head against my computer trying to get Vandal automated, but I have your answer. Midi CC23 & 24 will cause the "scenes" to scroll up and down, but they will also crash Samplitude. Strange thing is I can't find a way to save scenes. I have to start with a preset that already has scenes and alter them. Please keep us updated on your progress.
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