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  1. samplitude v8.0 professional I see - guess you're using a crack then... But anyway, I fear "the official help-files" from 8.1 and onwards will be more confusing than good. (Soooo much new features was introduced with v8.1) You're probably better off with the last v7 help-file. Which can probably be found where you found your v8 Hope you like samp well enough to buy a version at a later point thank you so much I'll do that have a nice day
  2. Sorry I was unclear - I'm asking what v8 version do you have ? samplitude v8.0 professional
  3. What version of 8 would that be? ok it's not matter the version give me any version it's okey
  4. Hi guys I have a problem that the Help file is not exist so, I need your help to how I can download the Help file bytheway the version is Samplitude professional 8
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