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  1. How about when you are running your laptop from its internal batteries, with only the FF800 connected to the wall power? Do you run dpclat.exe to check that your laptop is able to record without lost buffers? http://www.thesycon.de/deu/latency_check.shtml David yes, dpclat is ok. i will try with another software to see if the problem is from samplitude.
  2. Information about the patch is at the RME forum: http://www.rme-audio.de/forum/viewtopic.php?id=4123 BUT, if you are using your FF800 at the lower speed, as I am because my HP laptop only runs at the Firewire 400 speed, you dont need the patch, as it is only for making Windows XP SP3 work at the Firewire 800 speed. The usual problem that causes the effect you describe when you move windows around is the audio devices connected to your FF800. This is a grounding fault. Try to see if you still get these lost buffers if no inputs are connected to your FF800. (Turn up all the volumes and record noise!) You can contact Tom Sailor, through this forum (Orange Hill Audio). He has extensive experience with RME and Samplitude and he may be able to help you. David thanks david, no i have these problems also with only headphones connected to fireface.
  3. if i raise the audio buffer the problems remains. i have drive updated for video card
  4. thanks a lot. could you say to me where i can find the patch to speed up firewire? it is very strange because i use an HP business with texas instruments chispet, so with fireface all should be ok...
  5. dear frieds, i ve got demo of samplitude. i love it, i do classical recording and it is perfect. but i have a big problem. with the two of my notebook, they are 2 giga of RAM and core duo the make clicks for example when i move a windows or for example when i go to move a knob in variverb (every click i see an LOST ASIO BUFFER error. what can i do? it is a problem of samplitude or RME fireface? thanks a lot. please help me because without solving it i can t buy samplitude. Alessandro. thanks!
  6. dear friend, i want to measure the master track in order to find the peak value in dB. so atarting from here to raise the adio material until -4dB. which is the way? thanks a lot. Alessandro.
  7. installed samplitude in mac book pro. no problems now with lost asio buffer. thanks to all. Alessandro.
  8. hi friends, i have the message lost asio buffer also when the system is in playback. what can i do? i have applied all the optimization described in other topics. i use a dell inspiron with a rme fireface 800. best regards, Alessandro. for me it is very important to solve the problem because i make on location recording.
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