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  1. Well, I eat my words. It probably was the browser I used on the first try--I have some older hardware here. Not far into the music yet (major family outing here today) but what I've heard I like! Thanks for sharing.
  2. Not available in the USA? I don't do this very often and I could simply be doing something wrong out of ignorance of the platform. Any suggestions?
  3. Hi Greg, welcome to the world of Samplitude and the forum. You'll soon discover the wizard of Samplitude knowledge is our esteemed collegue Kraznet; his tutorials on all things Samplitude are the stuff of legends. Check 'em out at https://www.youtube.com/user/kraznet . Time well spent.
  4. Phil, Very moving. Thanks for sharing!
  5. Maybe I'm just lucky (or not so much so depending on your perspective), but this doesn't seem to be that unusual with specialty products like this. The forums for both the notation software and sheet music scanning and recognition (to get playable midi files) software I've been using for years before I ever started recording with Samplitude 9SE years ago seem to be going through the same thing. Very little, if any support from the companies themselves, and in one case, a seemingly completely abandoned support and development attitude. In all three cases, knowledgable concerned users provide the lion's share of the day to day support activity. I'm still a rank beginner with Samplitude, but I've made tremendous strides using it for the meager purposes that prompted me to jump in. So I don't have much to offer here.But I was, and am to a much more limited extent, quite active in the other two arenas. This forum is very much in that spirit, and I am most appreciative of the dedicated people, like Kraz, and the generally open, welcoming nature of the whole group. We all have a lot to be thankful for!
  6. Kraz, you are truly a blessing for us here. In more than one topic you come to just about everyone's aid. I filled a somewhat similar role in my company before I retired for all sorts of "engineering automation" applications, some procured from outside sources, others developed internally by one or another of the internal divisions of the company. So I have an idea of what it takes, and I think most of here certainly appreciate how much you do for us, practically every day. Thanks again!
  7. Contact ProService via email to open a support ticket, explain the situation. They'll give you more activations. There are many, many topics about this on the actual Samplitude Software topics forum.
  8. Phil, Nicely done. Thanks for sharing!
  9. I haven't done very much with tempo mapping in quite some time, so I really can't address your primary issue. However, to solve the immediate problem, why not bounce the mapped track, and slow down the bounced version for practicing?
  10. I'm far from being any sort of expert in the way Samplitude functions, but keep in mind that the fundamental objective of the software is that all editing is virtual: the underlying WAV files are not changed. It is my impression (from a couple of decades using this software) that these files are the containers for all those changes. This allows you a tremendous degree in flexibility for creating multiple versions, for exploration of different textures, including bits of one track with different versions of others, etc, with each separate version always editable back to the original without effect on others. It's one of the most powerful features IMHO.
  11. This makes perfect sense. Some of the other topics here address how the Independence license within ProX3 does not include its use within other hosts, only within ProX3. To do that you'd have to get a standalone license for Independence Pro. So if SF is scanning Indie during its startup, Indie will fail to start. I haven't yet used Sound Forge for anything other than just a quick look, but it started fine. Is there some setting in SF that dictates which folders it scans for VSTs that might be pointing to the Magix Synths folder? I'd doubt that any of the VSTs there would work with third party hosts.
  12. I may be going out on a limb here, but isn't that sort of a basic characteristic of Windows? How is the program supposed to know "what" to save if not based on which window has the current focus? If the plugin has the focus what does it save? The current plugin configuration; the current track plugin chain; the entire project?
  13. RE: Garritan Libraries for jazz I haven't done much of anything with midi for quite a while now, but my first foray into libraries years ago involved Garritan; "Personal Orchestra" and "Jazz and Big Band". At that time JaBB had quite a reputation for the brass articulations, making significant use of "key switching". Like I said, it's been a while, and I'm not sure what they're charging now, but at least for the brass JaBB may be worth looking at.
  14. Thanks for this! What always impresses me about your tutorials is how thoroughly and concisely you cover a topic. It must take a lot of time simply in planning and scripting each one of these, even the really short ones. We all owe you a tremendous debt of gratitude.
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