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  1. EDIT: I should have mentioned the version, which is 11.03. Plus, I found something else. I again tried to assign a knob using the select box (and later by simply selecting the mixer knob) for Monitoring_Volume selection, and as before when I moved the controller, the solo monitor level changed. But then, for grins I tried to reassign that same knob to the solo monitor control and Samp told me it was already assigned to Monitoring_Volume. I take this to mean that the "learn controller" part of the process knew WHAT it was doing but something is wrong with the mapping from there to the actual parameter. I'm guessing this is just a little bug, not an INI fix. But still.... Hi I'm using Samp V11 [Classic], WinXPSP2. Someone lent me one of those Korg nanoKontrol devices to play with and I was just messing around with it. I was trying to assign one of the pots to the Mixer Monitor Volume parameter. Didn't seem to work when I clicked the knob on the mixer, so I tried the "Program function" select box. Sure enough, it was listed in the pulldown under Mixer. The selection window says "Monitoring_Volume". But when I hit the Learn control, the entry in the list is "HWC_SOLO_MONITORING_VOLUME" and sure enough that's the function thats modified with the control. Thought maybe the labels were reversed and tried connecting to the solo volume, but it DOES control the solo volume. Can this be fixed with an INI entry or something? Is the another way to assign a hardware controller knob to this parameter? I did get other things set up properly (transport controls, four tracks fader to level, knob to pan, button1 to solo, button2 to mute) using the track increment and other nifties in the tool; it's just this one issue. thanks terry PS This is really my first inquiry to the forum. I did a search over in the software, hardware and midi forums (I am a registered member) and didn't find anything. I really wasn't sure which forum was appropriate, and this is such a trivial issue compared to much of the stuff going on over there, plus, maybe other neophytes like myself have had a similar issue.
  2. I'm still quite a beginner, and I don't have EZD, but I think I remember that a problem I initially had with garatan personal orchestra was that I had to map both the midi and audio for each channel in both Samp and GPO. Could it be the same with EZD? terry
  3. Im not to sure on how to do that. What do I need to do to get to do that? That's really easy. Show the mixer. In the MASTER strip near the top is the "Plugins" section. Just click an empty slot there and add your selected plugin. If you haven't already told Sam where all your plugins are located, at the bottom of the first context menu, select the "VST/DirectX/Rewire Setup..." item (the bottom one), and click the Browse (folder icon) button next to the "VST Plugin Path", then pick the "Browse VST Folder..." item, navigate to where your plugin is located and hit okay, then click the Browse button again and choose the "(Re-) Scan selected VST folder" item. This can be a bit awkward if your plugs are in different locations (like a few of mine were), because you have to go through the process with each different location. The good thing is that once scanned, Sam remembers the locations. I haven't added anything since I started, so I'm not sure if you add a new plug to an existing, scanned folder whether it shows up automatically or if you have to rescan the folder. I suspect the latter (rescan), but I haven't tried it. The manual has a lot of good information, but is a bit daunting. The section on the mixer is not entirely clear about this, but I think once you've added the plugin, you can then select the order in which the VSTs are applied (as a section and their order determined by the order in which they are added to the Plugins section) by clicking the "FX" (Master Routing) button at the bottom of the strip. There is so much to learn about this ap, that's for sure. The Help section on the Mixer is actually a bit better: that's where I got my impressions of how it all works. terry
  4. I think this might be your audio card. Did you try re-installing the drivers for it? It's the plugin that failed to load. Try rescanning your VST folder... Greg Hi Tried rescanning VST folders still ASIO is not loading at startup. Any other possibilities? Brian Cadoret
  5. KungKrille I'm sorry, I'm a relative newbie as well, and don't use multioutput VSTs. But I am interested in the answer! The new free 10SE version questions have started: anyone know the answers? Will the same thing work in a purchased 9SE installation? Just curious.
  6. Are you refering to V9SE bugs? Can you be more specific? Anyone know where one could purchase a copy in the San Francisco Bay Area in the US of A? I too saw the web site, but could only find subscriptions, not single copies, in the US. With the discussion going on in the Software forum regarding the Sam for Rent situation and the impending V11 release, it's no wonder nobody at Magix is worrying a bit about those of us using V9SE or perhaps interested strictly in on-location tracking applications.
  7. I'm sorry my friend, I don't think I can help with that; though if it helps, I've not seen that particular problem. Did anything get moved? I seem to remember some topics on one of the forums about confusion around where different parts of projects are stored, but those memories are too faint to recall I fear. Good luck. I've found it can be a difficult road, as there are ways to do things in Samp (usually more than one!) that are not all that intuitive, even for users with some digital audio background (which to a large extent I lack). But so far I've been pleased with the flexibility and ease of doing things compared to the other audio editing applications I've used (CoolEdit, Audacity, various Creative SB junk). I hope you've checked out some of Kraznet's videos. For doing this stuff for free, some of those are truly amazing and well done. With 9SE you'll find some things you can't do, but the basic stuff, like the fundamentals of working with objects and ranges are really, really helpful. PS I hope my erratic responses are not too offensive. Everything audio is purely recreational for me. I am an engineer by trade, and the project I'm currently working has very strict rules about using any project resources (like computers and networks) for anything that doesn't relate directly to the project. So I only post when at home, and I tend to be gone a bit.
  8. I am not a home right now, so I have no access to the user manual for your interface. But as I recall the manual shows two distinct mixer dialogs--one for the hardware inputs and one for the software inputs. These are part of your interface driver software, not Samp and not Windows. I'm not sure how you get to them (the Control Panel would have been my first guess, but you seem to have tried that--but you do need the Control Panel for the audio device, NOT the Windows Sounds), but if I recall the pictures correctly there is a group of check boxes near the top of the display over the four "level indicators" for the two analog and the two SPDIF channels, that you check to assign that hardware input channel to the monitor output channels. It is sounding more and more like you do not have the input channel you are using assigned to both monitor channels in that display. Happy hunting.
  9. Knut, I am a Samp9SE user, but I'm not familiar with the UTRACK interface. But I did download the user manual. If your Samplitude Monitoring Setup under the System Options is set to one of the settings for hardware monitoring of the track input, it sounds like your interface hardware input mixer is probably not set to mix hardware input input you are using to both monitor channels. There are separate mixer panels for the hardware inputs and the software inputs mixers. This sounds like it might be your problem since the playback does seem to be panned to both output channels. Also, your the noise may be from your microphone or whatever is connected to the inputs if they are still being monitored during playback. terry
  10. The topic here, and over at the other forum as well, seems to have died. I'm sort of interested in this as well. I am a RANK beginner with Samplitude...any advanced DAW for that matter. I did some tracking work in a 32track analog studio decades ago, but the digital realm is so much different. I've set up a small system and purchased Samp9SE. Basically I'm playing around at home after work, and I'm still learning basics. But there's a few things that 9SE can not do (some of which the real V9 could that I've seen in the "manual") that I've been interested in. If there is a 10SE, and it can do some of this stuff, I'd be really interested in knowing. In fact, I might think that if Magix can give it away, they might actually offer it to those of us who have gladly paid already. But if some of the features I want are there though, I'd actually be willing to pay a nominal "upgrade" fee to get them. If, of course, the "giveaway" is bogus in some manner, I retract my statements. I am in no way trying to express any displeasure with Magix or Samp, as I knew what I was buying before I willingly bought it.
  11. Phil, thanks for the hints. I actually did get it to work--sort of-- after I got home from rehersal last night. I tried the "DFD" mode. I had a bit more trouble getting the ins and outs set properly, but managed to get some sound out. Quite a number of LABS though, but I'm sure that's a buffers settings issue. I was just happy to get anything at that point. The SFZ+ player, on the other hand... never made that work. Got the soundfont to load (DFD again), but never managed to get sound out or even activity in the player. That was probably an in/out config thing, but I gave up. There doesn't seem to be much info out there about the various controls in SFZ or SFZ+ (like what the heck are the "Quality" numbers?). I've got the "unofficial" sfz format document--it's good--but it deals with the sfz files (and Rene's "extensions" of the sf2) very well and nothing about the player though. thanks again
  12. Hi, I'm definitely new to this upper end DAW stuff, and VSTs expecially, still baffle me quite a bit. There's something I'm doing for my choir director that I'm trying to use my relatively new copy of Sam 9SE for, more as a learning exercise than anything else. I've got a midi file she made and a soundfont she used, and she wants some changes and for me to put a bass track along with the parts. I can play the midi through the standalone SFZ player host (SAVIHOST) just fine. But when I set up the SFZ player in the midi track in samplitude and try to load the soundfont, I always get a warning dialog that there's not enough memory to load the soundfont. I've tried reading the manual, but haven't had much success there--it seems I'm doing what it says to do, within the constraints of the SE version, but get the same error every time. I did a search on this forum and found one response from a while ago that recommended the player, but there was nothing there on how to set it up and there were no follow-ups.Am I missing something? Is the SFZ player just too old to play well with my version of Samp? PS I know most of my problems are due to ignorance: I'm not stupid or anything, but am still trying to learn the vocabulary and concept of object oriented audio processing. I did work part time in an analog studio as a tracking engineer a few decades ago when I was a student, so everything's not a mystery. Is there a manual for 9SE?? I downloaded the one for Ver9 that was on the website, but there are so many differences, most of which aren't mentioned in the manual, that I really get frustrated. I search and read and find something I think might work and the menu item or option I need isn't there. Is there some easier way? Thanks for any advice. terry
  13. Hi I'm a newcomer to Samplitude. I was working on a small project for my church and ran into a snag. My director had a single channel midi file done in 6/8 at 90bpm probably from Encore, as that's the notation software we generally use. For some reason she wanted it changed to 3/4, but lasting the same time. I think she was going to use it with another midi file of the song done differently. The way I've done that in Encore before is to note by note double the duration, change the time sig, then the bpm, then try to get everything aligned. A lot of effort. I thought I might do the same thing easier in Samp, by just doubling the start times and durations and changing the tempo. Couldn't get to square one, other than changing the tempo I think (this was last night and I was a bit tired). Is the Midi Editor in V9SE capable of this sort of manipulation? I tried going through the manual, but first of all it seems to be written for the full version and often its difficult to tell what features I have. But I didn't see anything (again, it was late, so I might have missed it) that sounded like what I wanted to do. I also tried doing a check through the midi topics forum. Did I miss it, is it not there, or is it that I just can't do this with my version? Thanks for any guidance. PS I've picked up a lot already just by reading the forums. Some of the explanations in the manuals assume a knowledge of other aspects of the programs so it's tough getting started, as the interface is a quite a bit different than the stuff I've been used to (CoolEdit2k/Audacity). Plus, I'm really not what you'd call a power user of either of those either, but I'm having a lot of fun, hence the purchase of a starter to a real DAW solution. Just one more step, though at my age, probably the last. Thanks again.
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