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  1. Trying to explain Sebastians's info in one simple sentence: If one thread is chooked up to 100% by a nasty plugin, then you will read 100% DSP processing even if the other 7 threads of a 4-core CPU are unused (the CPU load may display 12.5%!!!). The plugin processing of one track can't be splitted over other cores or threads. Therefore the DSP use can be 100% because of one heavy track, while the whole CPU use is much lower (because the CPU's other cores/threads are processing much lighter tracks or hardly doing other things than system handling). Does that make it clear? Best regards, Bertil
  2. So the problem is that if you drag a range at the timeline (or directly on an object), the cursor will actually be hidden at the beginning of the range (i.e. if you delete the range or start playback you'll see the cursor at a position where you do NOT want it). But if you in this situation press 'BACKSPACE' once, the playback-cursor will jump back to your original position. Good luck, Bertil
  3. +1 Horizontal scrolling with mouseweel WITHOUT repositioning the cursor would be much better than the present behaviour! A tip: Every day I use the command CTRL + ALT + Left/Right Arrow (default shortcut), this scrolls the VIP window horizontally half a screen at the time WITHOUT repositioning the cursor. Very useful indeed!!! Regards, Bertil
  4. And after making a range over selected objects with a key shortcut, you use CTRL+ALT+DownArrow to zoom to the range. So it's necessary to use a two-step command, but its very handy (using it myself a lot). Regards, Bertil
  5. Sebastian, I understand if you are a bit confused about my experience with the versions before 10... There is a simple explanation: I have been visited colleagues and followed their work with these versions and I found that the software was functioning in a way that suited my way to work. And I admit that I, on a colleague's recommendation, tested the wildspread cracked Sequoia version 7.22 (I think it was that version) before making the decision to buy Sequoia (no demo was available). It's not fair to use cracked software, if you find the software usable you should buy it. And as you can see, I bought Sequoia!!! I admit that I started to learn Sequoia less than 2 months ago so it's possible that I sometimes make mistakes, but I don't think my comments about bugs are caused by using the software in a wrong way (if it is, I'm glad to learn about it, so please tell me). Best regards, Bertil
  6. Misha, if you click "Help" at the top menu and then choose "About Samplitude..." you will get the answer after a few seconds. /Bertil
  7. Hi Oliver, Thanks for your reply. As I'm a newbie Sequoia user and have used version 10.02 and 10.1 during a very short period (including the time to learn the program, reading the manual over and over...) I haven't kept track of exactly which strange behaviours belong to V10.02 versus 10.1. Right now I haven't enough time to systematically evaluate the behaviour of the two versions, I just have the impression that V10.1 has caused more strange things. But I understand that this impression possibly can be caused by the fact that I have used V10.1 during a longer period than 10.02. Anyway, besides what I tried to describe in the other Sequoia thread, version 10.1 is really sometimes doing some strange things which can be difficult to reproduce. For example, sometimes a vertical "ghost cursor line" has remained on the screen but I have not managed to reproduce it. Sometimes when using the function "play up to cutpoint" there is a reverbtail and sometimes it is muted. As far as I remember I don't think the toobars have disappeared with V10.1 but I'm not 100% sure. Two months ago I decided to buy Sequoia instead of upgrading my Nuendo to version 4. Sequoia has many "goodies" compared with Nuendo, but now I'm a bit worried if it was the right choice and if I can trust it as a working tool. I really hope that my and all other user's bug reports will be taken care of by the Magix company, then the result will be an astonishing DAW! Best regards, Bertil
  8. Hello Misha, the problems you describe make me sad to hear. I have myself bought Sequoia (the "big brother" of Samplitude) about two months ago and paid a terrible lot of money for it. During these two months I have, like you, discovered a lot of strange things happen (specially after updating to version 10.2). And exactly like you I know that the problems have nothing to do with my computer, it is without any doubt a question of bugs in the program and these bugs show up at the most strange occations when doings some special things an a special order etc. Really irritating! I have written about just a few of the bugs in the Sequoia part of this forum, but I haven't yet felt that I get very much response from the Magix company about the bugs or my suggestions of making a better version of the software (and I have discovered a lot more strange things than I have mentioned on the forum but it takes too much time to write about everything). So I'm sorry that this time I can't give you any help with the problems you describe. Hope another user or somebody from the Magix company can get the problems solved. Best wishes, Bertil EDIT: Sorry, of course I mean updating to version 10.1 (10.2 doesn't exist yet)
  9. Misha, good to hear that it is working! If you have a question about something different it is better to start a new theme. I promise to read it and hopefully you can get some help from me or somebody else. /Bertil
  10. Trying to make it clear: You decide yourself how long the countdown should be by placing the pause marker at a certain distance before the following start marker of the next track. The countdown time equals the distance between these two markers on the marker line, just be sure not to set the pause marker too early (i.e. before the music has ended) as that will make the CD player stop too early if you have programmed it to play justs a specific track. I think you can choose an automatic function in "CD Arrange Mode" that places pause markers 2 seconds before all track start markers, but I wouldn't recommend it unless you always want to have 2 seconds of silence (digital zero) between all tracks. To summarize, the length of countdown depends on the distance on the marker line between the pause marker and the start marker of next track (you just drag the pause marker to the desired location). And it doesn't have to be silence between these two markers. And you don't have to use pause markers, it will do fine with only start markers but then you will not get the countdown on the CD player display. Best wishes, Bertil
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