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  1. strangely, no, no i am not. while waiting for a reply i'm going to go search for help on that in windows forums. but i'll return here periodically seeing if any help was found here or to post the solution. EDIT: i didn't have the permissions to "modify" the contents of my recording/production folder. hmm... i guess that happened when i renamed my HDD. odd. well if anyone has trouble with saving files; 1. make sure you ARE the admin of the computer. if you can (or are) the admin, continue. if not, then well... your out of luck. 2. go to desired folder (if you do file by file you'll get bored fast, hit em all with one shot) right click > properties > security and make sure you have full control over all the contents of the folders. Windows might give you some hassle but this is a basic thing. 3. while your at it, you might wanna make sure that the folders/files aren't set to "read only" because that might give you some grief also. strange situation and i'm not sure how it happened, but nevertheless it did. and it got fixed. and here is a possible solution to anyone having similar problems. Tim: thank you for giving me the idea to check out explorer. that fersure took me in the correct direction and saved loads of tiem.
  2. hey i have the same problem and the alert saying "error writing data" still shows up when i try and save a copy of the file or copying the project. i can't copy the entire vip, or anything. samplitude 11
  3. on the dpctool that i downloaded to check on how good the computer is with real time, it keeps going into the red showing that my computer is slow and it recomended to boot into safe mode, is it safe to run sam or sequoia in safe mode and still have all the features and usages and run asio through a firewire presonus firestudio and stuff like that? i just need to make sure and get an experts perspective on this.
  4. ok i have been working on this song for some time, but when i play it on sam9.1.1 se it cuts out during certian measures. my thoughts are it is having buffering problems becuase i have alot of elements to the song and many tracks and stuff. it will play some parts of the track but other mesures will just cut out and make a sound like you just unplugged something. and all of the plugs everywhere are fine it is the computer i know that. because when i recorded it it worked fine and when i solo it it kinda works better. and all of the parts of the files are fine because it works when i save the whole song to wav and put it on my ipod. any ideas?
  5. ok sorry for being unclear about Question 2, let me try and draw it out, i'm better explaining with pictures instead of words. Timeline \/ (before recording) T1------------object 1-------------------------------object 2-----------------------------------------------End of timeline timeline (recording) T1------------object ........ .........1 .......1 .....1 ......1 ....1 ....1 .........1 .........1. ....... 1.End of timeline Should i just hold shift and move Object 2 to Track 2, record, trim Object 1, then move Object 2 back to it's orgional place? (before recording) T1 -----object 1--------------------O 2--------------------------end T2 ---------------------------------new O 2 (same place)------end (recording) T1 -----object 1 .........1 .......1 .....1 ......1 end T2 ---------------------------------new O 2 (same place)------end (after) T1 -----object 1------------------new O 2 (same place)------end T2 ---------------------------------old O 2 (same place)-------end sorry if this doesn't make sence, i'm kinda rushing because i have to be somewhere.
  6. Q 1. part 1. if i have two objects on the timeline, both Object 1 and 2 is on the same track. One is before, and the other one is after. If I was to move object 1 around on the timeline, object 2 will by default move also the same amount as Obj 1. And i dont want that, i want to be able to move Obj 1 without Obj 2 being moved at all. part 2 of q 1. - i would like to know if the same can be done with deleting and adding other audio tracks to it also. Q 2. when i record, most of the time the little bar/osiclioscope (sorry for spelling) will drag the whole way down untill the "end" of the prodject, this is something i do not want. i want to be able to record "object 1" and not let object 2 be deleted from the timeline where it so perfectly sits and should never be moved again, and if it is moved at all it will kill the song and make it suck, but object 1 is a bad take that somehow went on un-noticed and should therfore be replaced with a better take. thanks a lot- a man in need of help (with this) ----allan
  7. i'm at a delema, i dont know if it would be easier or more or less time worthy to start a new saved file for each instrument, the song is about 6:45 minuets long, and there is 4 solos, a strings track, a bass, vocals, drums, and clean and distorted heavy guitar tracks, and just for the guitars (clean) i've used up about 8 track spaces and i'm only courious on how many vocal tracks i'll end up with on one .vip file, what would you do and what is a broad idea of how you would? thanks in advance. --allan (s_S on the net)
  8. when ever i play it, and a new track starts it makes a loud pop/crack sound, and naturaly i google it, search it and i can't realy find much that would help me. i also tried to lower the volume at the beginning of the track to fade the track in but that didn't work. any pointers for the new guy. thanks anyways.
  9. I know this is going to sound like a dumb question, but where is the Transport Bar? i'm looking for it right now but i haven't found it yet. allan EDIT: i found the transport bar, and it works now. everything is just fine now. thanks a bunch. now i can finish my song. although one more question, about how many takes you yall usualy do before you get it the way you want it, mainly on guitars and pianos and drums ect.?
  10. ok. that works now, i downloaded a new update for my pedal board so now it has "digitech asio" which is all fine and dandy. BUT, when i press record > play it goes blank and i get no sound, and no osicioscope, and that thing that is usualy wraped around the osicioscope. problem_4.bmp
  11. one quick question, why is ASIO ALWAYS the correct answer?!?! see funny thing, i read your reply, i said "huh, maybe" i have heard it worked better before, "aw what the hell" and funny thing, THAT ONE THING (that you helped me fix, and thanks a helluvalot!) SET ME BACK 3 MONTHS. i feal.... odd that that didn't work. but hell, i've learned so darn much about it today just fidgiting about on it. but there is just one problem.. now i can't get it to comunicate with my DIGITECH RP - 350 guitar pedalboard. it doesn't recognize or achnolidge my pedal board being hooked up via USB is even there. in other words no sound is going into samplitude. (just a sec i'll post some more pictures) EDIT: i added the two pictures, they are right below the text. yuep. EDIT2: should i just post pics of all of my settings and crap? it might help yall out loads on diagnosing the problem. THANKS SO DARN MUCH FOR TRYING TO HELP THOUGH! but it just seams with me theirs one problem after another, i think i need a new sound card but i dont know. i'm going to mess with the adobie audio stuff and try something. please reply soon. thanks again allan
  12. yes i did. but all of what he said on the getting started i already knew that just from tinkering about on it. i should probably be more specific with the problem, i just reread what i put and i kinda rushed the message a bit. what it will do is the bar will move about 3 pixels and then stop. no sound, nothing. no sound during the 5 pixel "playing time". i have also tried to change the "play to/from" options and none of them work, i get the exact thing. i tried to take a picture of the problem but i just dont know any idea of what to do! there should be 4 photos of it. (i'm going to keep updating this post over and over with more info)
  13. please read my second post on the topic because this one isn't helpfull for you trying to find out what my problem is. sorry i rushed this post. thanks I had this problem sence as long as i can remember, when i try to record it the line that tells where it is on the timeline will move about .2 miliseconds and stop. i try to record, samplitude recognizes the audio, shows it, but it just will not play, it will not record, it will not move! help! please...
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