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  1. FYI: same behaviour with S10 Pro demo. If I'm getting a signal, hitting the space bar to stop record also stops the input (no VU or monitor audio). Resetting either the arm button or the monitor button reactivates input signal. Or if hi start record and hit a note during count-in input is reactivated. It seems to act like a toggle. If I switch count-in off, the first record disables input. The second reactivates it. Third off etc. Looks like it just doesn't like my setup much. I don't have another device to test it right now. Hope this helps.
  2. and what IS your hardware? I have no problems here with MS or Samplitude MIDI recording. Greg Thanks for the response. XP P4 3GHZ, 1.25GB RAM. Input is Behringer UMX25 thru USB. Works with a bunch of other audio software (like FL Studio, Reaper, Sony Acid Music, Ableton Live, Tracktion et al). My wording was misleading: it recognises the input OK, it just stops accepting input after a recored session (no meter reading or sound) until I reset the record arm. Also works if I have channel armed then start record (R key) and play a note during count-in. If I wait until recording starts it's not re-armed - although the arm button is still lit. I'm having trouble coming up with a sensible explanation for this behaviour. I haven't got the keyboard set as a controller, so there shouldn't be any feral signals running about.
  3. Being a cheapskate, I'm finally interested in Samplitude now that I can run a cheap version - Music Studio - before considering committing to the full thing. Problem I have is: MIDI input is rather unpredictable. It keeps disconnecting & I have to dis-arm then re-arm recording. Is there any known problem with some MIDI input hardware not being recognised? Same hardware works with at least 4 other PC DAW programs. Any tips appreciated.
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