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  1. lovely, Christine - just what I needed at this time
  2. Hi Sebastian and thankyou for the reply. Perhaps i should describe the problem and ask how Samplitude provides a solution - a more positive approach I like to record improvised instrumentals and then micro edit those performances - selecting segments of various sizes (single notes, phrases, parts of notes) from each track and shifting those segments about and repeating them etc etc. In reaper I can ctrl+drag a marquee selection of a track (like an object) and this makes a copy which I can drag about and place where I like. What would be the native Samplitude approach to that type of editing task? thanks for any suggestions, Greg EDIT - with a little more experimentation I understand a little more of Samplitude and have improved how I use the method suggested by Kraznet- thanks again to everyone
  3. thanks Kraznet - I have now got back to my machine and your solution seems most lke what i was looking for. reaper is the DAW that allows this in an easier form. The problem I see with the Samplitude version is that the original object from which the segments are copied in now altered and needs to be 'healed' Greg
  4. Thanks for the advice everyone - sorry for late reply but i am travelling and cant get to the net much or try the solutions for a few more weeks. Appreciate the help, greg
  5. Is there a method for selecting a segment of an object and dragging it with the mouse to another track. Basically a drag and drop copy of a range. I see how to copy a range using ctrl+C, but I would like to be able to click and hold with the mouse on a range of an object then drag that range to another position, let go the mouse and thereby paste it to the new position thanks for any help, Greg
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