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  1. Hi Martin, I think the Sessionlink Quick Start Guide is quite good, there are setup examples in Chapter 7. SessionLink runs in the Chrome you have to connect it to Samplitude and need at least seperate audio channels for those 2 applications. I am working with a single RME Fireface now and do all the routing in Totalmix. The hard part is the interface setup. Nothing special to do in Samplitude, just selecting in- and outputs. What are you trying to do with SL? Cheers Christian
  2. Hi, I am using SessionLink Pro with two soundcards at the moment, one for Samplitude and one for Chrome. I am right, that a multi client ASIO driver like RME can handle both? What is your setup? Cheers Christian
  3. I like Air Hybrid 3 as a bread and butter synth. I guess it is on sale regularly, I paid 10 Euros. You can change and also automate the pitch bend range, but not per layer.
  4. Drag & Drop aus dem Windows Explorer geht nur, wenn man Samplitude nicht im Administrator-Modus startet.
  5. Bitte beschreibe doch Mal genauer, auf welche Weise du die Spuren importieren willst.
  6. Hi Barry, don't worry, it was just a question that should encourage you to take a look at the manual ;-) Worked. There are also icons for the object modes, take a look at the tool bars. And there is a search field in the editbale toolbars, that let's you find menu entries. Very useful. Cheers Christian
  7. Did you take a single look at the manual? Menu Edi t-> ObjectModes
  8. There are several object modes in Samplitude. Switch to normal mode, and all objects will move independently. There are also temporary keys for "link objects on one track to the right" and "link objects on all tracks to the right", i guess you have one of those modes enabled. Cut and paste should also work, if you set the play cursor to the exact position for pasting. Cheers Christian
  9. Hi pelvax, does EZDrummer provide multiple VSTi-Outputs? If so, route the snare to a different output and route this output to a new track in Samplitude. Add reverb to this track. For checking and routing outputs, I would suggest to use the VSTi Manager. Cheers Christian
  10. Hi Gabor, not a real solution, but I guess you can scroll the plugin list with the arrow keys. Do you install the plugins in different formats like 32bit, 64bit and VST3? The list gets quite large then. Cheers Christian
  11. Hi BongoSamp, please don't confuse virtual synthesizers and audio material here! An oscillator is part of a virtual synth, that in it's basic form can deliver a sinus, square or saw wave. In corvex you can change the shape of the modulation wave, also called LFO (low frequency oscillator). But that does not effect audio material directly. I guess the Ableton guy was handling a virtual synth, like Sams Revolta. Cheers Christian
  12. Very nice! Fun to watch and listen. Only one little thing that came to my mind: Maybe a little more "air" for the vocals and the overall sound could be nice. Too much compression? Cheers Chrisian
  13. Hi DBPAudio, this video by honorable Kraznet is some years old, but the basic workflow should still be the same. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSiYv9IJYyg Cheers Christian
  14. Hi ki1981, can you tell us a little more about the project? Audio Tracks? Midi Tracks? Plugins? Maybe you can post a screenshot or even share the project? As a workaround you can maybe use the "mix to file" function in the mixer, that does a realtime-recording of the mixer master. Cheers Christian
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