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  1. Hi ki1981, can you tell us a little more about the project? Audio Tracks? Midi Tracks? Plugins? Maybe you can post a screenshot or even share the project? As a workaround you can maybe use the "mix to file" function in the mixer, that does a realtime-recording of the mixer master. Cheers Christian
  2. Hi byxx, what kind of drive is it? What exactly is happening? When exactly does saving fail? Do you get an error message? Cheers Christian
  3. Hi, can you share the video? Cheers Christian
  4. Hi Dag, inside a .mov container there can be a lot of differents video and audio formats. Do you know which codecs are used? Can you playback the video in another player software like VLC? I don't think there is a size limit. Cheers Christuan
  5. Hi, working here. The French Horns are mapped only in the range from c1 to c4, but I guess that's too easy. Can you see the samples on the mapping page? Cheers Christian
  6. Could you describe how exactly you exported the video? Cheers Christian
  7. Kannst Du mit einem anderen MIDI-Keyboard testen? Mal einen Neustart probeirt?
  8. Hi bx, ich benutze das sonst nicht aber habe es gerade mal hier getestet: Geht bei mir einwandfrei. Du benutzt ein MIDI-Keyboard, oder? Geht es auch über die Tastataur nicht? Also mit den Notenbuchstaben CDEFGAH? Viele Grüße Christian
  9. Hey crazybomerman, of course this is a possible solution, but looks a little complicated to me. With so many good and free VST instruments around, why use GS synth? Cheers Christian
  10. Hallo Tweaked, du musst das Taktraster einstellen und aktivieren, dann rasten die Objekte an den Takten oder Zählzeiten ein. Wenn die Objekte nicht genau an einem Rasterpunkt beginnen, kannst Du für jedes Objekt einen Hotspot setzen, der dann anstelle des Objektstarts verwendet wird. Viele Grüße Christian
  11. Hi Droqles, you are using the Microsoft GS Synth for Drums, this is a software synth from Microsoft which is outside of Samplitude. It just behaves like an external synth, and you would have to record its output to export it with your song - which makes no sense. BTW, the latency must be awful using this synth. Load a virtual instrument for that track just like you loaded Revolta on your Keys Track. I don't know what comes with X2 Silver, maybe Independence or some VITA drums? Otherwise, there are a lot of free VST plugins, like these: https://thehomerecordings.com/free-drum-vst-plugins/ I hope this helps. Cheers Christian BTW, you can set the time grid to bars and beats, which makes more sense for a song than minutes and seconds.
  12. Hi, I don't understand where the drum sounds come from? MIDI isn't doing any sound by itself. Do you hear the drums during playback? What is the MIDI output routing of the drum track? Are you using the Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth? Cheers Christian
  13. Hi Droqles, which instrument is doing the drum sounds? A VST or magix plugin? Cheers Christian
  14. Hi byxx, any plugin loaded on track 12? Cheers Christian
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