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  1. On 10/7/2017 at 5:14 AM, Tim Z said:

    Yeah, Hive was the other one I really liked, but there is something about Diva that really sticks out for me. Got any other similar VST synths that you might recommend I check out?

    I like Air Hybrid 3 as a bread and butter synth. I guess it is on sale regularly, I paid 10 Euros.

    You can change and also automate the pitch bend range, but not per layer.

  2. There are several object modes in Samplitude. Switch to normal mode, and all objects will move independently.

    There are also temporary keys for "link objects on one track to the right" and "link objects on all tracks to the right", i guess you have one of those modes enabled.

    Cut and paste should also work, if you set the play cursor to the exact position for pasting.




  3. Hi BongoSamp,

    please don't confuse virtual synthesizers and audio material here!

    An oscillator is part of a virtual synth, that in it's basic form can deliver a sinus, square or saw wave.

    In corvex you can change the shape of the modulation wave, also called LFO (low frequency oscillator).

    But that does not effect audio material directly.

    I guess the Ableton guy was handling a virtual synth, like Sams Revolta.




  4. Hallo Tweaked,

    du musst das Taktraster einstellen und aktivieren, dann rasten die Objekte an den Takten oder Zählzeiten ein.

    Wenn die Objekte nicht genau an einem Rasterpunkt beginnen, kannst Du für jedes Objekt einen Hotspot setzen, der dann anstelle des Objektstarts verwendet wird.

    Viele Grüße



  5. Hi Droqles,

    you are using the Microsoft GS Synth for Drums, this is a software synth from Microsoft which is outside of Samplitude. It just behaves like an external synth, and you would have to record its output to export it with your song - which makes no sense. BTW, the latency must be awful using this synth.

    Load a virtual instrument for that track just like you loaded Revolta on your Keys Track.

    I don't know what comes with X2 Silver, maybe Independence or some VITA drums?

    Otherwise, there are a lot of free VST plugins, like these:


    I hope this helps.



    BTW, you can set the time grid to bars and beats, which makes more sense for a song than minutes and seconds.


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