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  1. Hi again, Samplitude looks very appealing to me but I MUST find a way to be at least compatible with the ubiquitous Pro Tools. People come to work at the studio with pre-produced ProTools LE or Logic sessions etc. Has any of you tried Pro Convert ? What does it really reproduce ? - editing : right sounbites at the right place / fades / soundbites gain etc. ? - mixing : track names, levels, pans, aux tracks, bus subgroups etc. ? - producing : midi tracks ? - ... thanx for your help. pask
  2. Thank you for your help ! I solved the problem : just rebooting a couple of times, and re-installing from the Device Manager. Rebooting again and it worked. Funny, because as far as I can remember, I had tried that a couple of times already ... sounds like typical PC issues to me ;-) It is now working properly. Expect some feedback about Samplitude next week. My first impressions are very positive, not only about the software itself but also about the Samplitude community and even Magix themselves. They were available and very informative on the phone, even with a non-yet-customer. These aspects are also important to me, as I feel part of some sort of community with values I agree with. thanx again, pask
  3. Hi Samplituders ! I am currently trying to give Samplitude a serious try after scouting so many days for an high-end DAW suitable for both creative production (VIs, midi etc.) and mixing/mastering. The problem is I can't get my HD192 MOTU (via PCIe-424 card) work on my MacPro/Bootcamp/Windows SP3 partition. - I installed the latest MOTU drivers + CueMix app. - Everything works fine under OSX - Windows tells me that "No Motu AudioWire card was found ..." So, I guess it is a problem with the PCIe bus itself and this yellow question mark in the Device Manager seems to confirm it. No way to find some sort of driver on the web ... Anyone using a similar config ?? Thanx for your help, pask
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