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  1. Hmm, if you go to the file in Windows Explorer, right click, Select Properties and go to the Summary tab, does it show the 'Audio sample size' as 16 bit and the 'Audio sample rate' as 44kHz? This would narrow down whether the writing, reading or playback of the file is the problem. BGK PS And welcome to the Samplitude Forum - I've read your words of wisdom many times on the SoS Forum.
  2. No, the AW16G does not appear to have a USB or Firewire out and so you cannot connect it to a computer's USB or Fireport. You need something to interface between the Yamaha's digital-audio I/O and the computer. BGK
  3. I know that some people have said it is terrible and others said it works great! I think your success will depend on the source material. For example, I was able to use Samplitude's algorithms to successfully touch-up a number of places in a SATB chorus recording, but had to be very careful on a flute quartet as changes in the amount of vibrato was very noticable. Have you tried the downloadable demo? I don't know if it comes with the pitch/time shift functionality, but I would think it would and if so you can try it on some typical material. Note that there are a number of different modes you can use, some may work better for you than others. BGK
  4. I hear that some people have used the Robota plugin to generate a click.
  5. What is playing your MIDI file that you've created? When you play back the project in Samplitude, do you hear the drum tracks?
  6. I think I'd side with the people I'm most likely to make the most money off of in the future!
  7. I guess that would depend on the upgrade. Because on one hand you could say that it was worth the extra money because you've been using these new great features while the non-upgraders have been stuck on an older version. But at the same time, if the previous upgrade wasn't very good then the people who upgraded probably would have been put out because they would have basically just threw their money away as they could have waited and got the same price for the next version. I heard Sonar 4 wasn't much of an upgrade so if Cakewalk did the same thing for Sonar 5 then I imagine the Sonar 4 owners weren't too happy. -tkr Indeed! Of course if they didn't do that, then for the people on Sonar 3, they'd be saying, "you need to pay more because you didn't take our worthless upgrade"! Clearly it is a tricky balancing act for the marketing departments. Some random personal opinions on the subject: I don't have a big problem with firms charging more to people who skip updates. Whether ~$100 is "fair", I don't know, perhaps ~$50 would feel better. Ideally, to be "fairer", you'd want separate rates for v8 to v9, v7 to v9, v6 to v9, etc., but I can understand that the hassle of managing that and the potential for added consumer confusion makes that impractical. I sympathise with Terry's indignation at the easy entry price for users of competing products. However, cross-grades are part of the market that Samplitude is in and ultimately incentives like that which increase the user base is probably good in the long run. Having just taken advantage of a similar offer to cross-grade from Finale to Sibelius, I can hardly complain! BGK
  8. Was no one who had paid for every upgrade along the way put out by this generosity to those who had done less to support the development of the product? BGK
  9. Clearly if you don't take all the upgrades, you are not that faithful a customer!
  10. For tracks just right click on the Pan control and you can do everything there: I think in v9 there is a phase button on the mixer and track editor. BGK
  11. Indeed, but I understand that there are a lot more background services by default in the Media Center Edition of XP and in XP Pro. Further, I would think that media related services are more likely to interfere with audio applications than SQL... But this is just speculation on my part.
  12. I seem to recall reading something very recently concerning Windows Media Center and pro-audio, but I cannot find where. I believe that WMC has many more background services running that regular XP and so can be problematic for heavy audio use. BGK
  13. Being a pirate (apparently), I was eager to press Arrrr, which, err, actually put Samplitude straight into record mode. However, pressing Shift+R (I think this changed in some early version of v8 for consistency with other shortcuts - "key" for the action, Shift+"key" for the action's options) brought up the Record Options dialog (also available from the Playback/Record menu) which has may exciting settings, such as Record Offset and Playback while Recording. (The latter is worthy of note here as the default (until, if I recall, v8.3) was for the program not to play back previously recorded material when recording a new track. For some users this was great, but for most people, especially new users coming from other systems, this caused no end of confusion.) I've not used the Record Offset as I don't do this sort of layered recording, but it should compensate for latencies in the soundcard playback, which I'm guessing would be particularly high on a general purpose multimedia-type audio card such as the one mentioned above. Investigating ASIO4ALL would certainly be worth a try though and would allow one to monitor the recording input through the software (most "pro" hardware will offer "zero"-latency monitoring via the hardware itself). The new driver would be selected from Option / System/Audio... (default shortcut: 'Y'). Here you can also set-up Samplitude's somewhat complex buffer configuration. I'm not an expert in that field, but there's definitely help on this scattered about the Forum. BGK
  14. I spent quite a while with that PDF and Dictionary.com! It is difficult to read anything to much from the table unfortunately, as a lot of those features do indeed exist in v8 (in fact, I think only VariVerb Pro, Sampletank LE, De-Esser and Aux-Send automation are definitely new entries to the feature table). We do know that the developers have been making some changes in that area, but specifically what, well, we can just speculate and hope at this point.
  15. bgk


    I did try to point out why that might have been, whilst in no way suggesting that the suspicions definitely existed or were shared by myself. Didn't seem to be taken too well though...
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